Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield sales stood at 1700 units for 650 twins which is highest ever in a single month

In the new report, Royal Enfield sales of 650 twins have touched a new height. In the month of February 2019, a total of 1445 units of 650 twins bikes were sold by the company. However, in March 2019 the sales figures touched the 1700 mark. This is the highest ever sales of 650 twins in a single month.

Royal Enfield has slid down to 7th position as Suzuki overtook Royal Enfield to become 6th largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Suzuki’s sales increased by 25.3 percent year-on-year since March 2018. However, Royal Enfield sales slumped by 21.3 percent to 58,434 units from 74,209 units sold in March 2018.

royal enfield 650 twin motorcyclediaries

It is not hard to digest the fact that the bikes which cost nearly 3 lakh (on-road) are selling more than something which is under two lakh rupees (identify yourself which bikes are those). The main point for higher sales is the classic look and strong performance.

Overall Royal Enfield sales are down but 650 twins are shining

A 650cc, twin cylinder, powerplant powers these new performers. The powerplant pumps out a maximum power of 47 bhp and a boggling 52 Nm of torque. A 6-speed constant mesh gearbox transmits the power to the 130/70 section rear tyre.

royal enfield sales motorcyclediaries
Royal Enfield sales are down by 21.3 percent year-on-year

Speaking about the performance, 0 to 100 kmph is achieved in flat 6.5 seconds. And wait for it, the top speed in the vicinity of 160 kmph. That’s 100 miles per hour. And all these are available in just 3 lakh. Couple all these things with the brand name of Royal Enfield, and you get stunning sales.

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That’s not all, there are no vibrations whatsoever in the entire rev range. The limiter kicks in at 7700 rpm and even at that point, there are no vibrations. Moreover, the service costs are also nominal and require service after completing 10,000 kilometers or 1 year. Royal Enfield 650 twins are like big, very big splendor bikes.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Sales Month-wise

In November 2018, when the bikes launched, 325 bikes were sold. The numbers further increased in December 2018 to 629 units. The real kick in sales came in January 2019 with 1069 bikes moving out of the showrooms. February 2019 saw a new record of 1445 bikes moving out of the shops. And in March 2019, things went crazy with 1700 units found new homes.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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