Royal Enfield Thunderbird down to just 70 units in August 2019 and Bullet 500 touches 57

Royal Enfield registered 48,752 units which are down by staggering -29.25% YoY sales. However, month-on-month comparing tells a different story. When compared to July 2019 sales of 49182 units, the Royal Enfield’s August numbers came out to by 48,752 units. This is just -0.87% down which makes sense as the company launched cheaper variants of Bullet 350 and Bullet ES 350.


Sales of Thunderbird 500 and Bullet 500 are all-time low at 70 and 57 units respectively. Classic 500, on the other hand, is also fell YoY by -57% to 702 units which is a positive number MoM from July 2019’s 627 units.

Royal Enfield August 2019 sales

Model Aug-19 Aug-18 YoY difference Jul-19 MoM difference
1 Classic 350 23,433 44,610 -47.47% 29,439 -20.40%
2 Bullet 350 11,824 10,680 10.71% 8,680 36.22%
3 Electra 350 4,998 2,484 101.21% 1,943 157.23%
4 Thunderbird 350 3,843 7,422 -48.22% 4,471 -14.05%
5 650 Twins 2,172 2,225 -2.38%
6 Himalayan 1,653 538 207.25% 1,619 2.10%
7 Classic 500 702 1,658 -57.66% 627 11.96%
8 Thunderbird 500 70 379 -81.53% 84 -16.67%
9 Bullet 500 57 243 -76.54% 94 -39.36%
Total 48,752 68,909 -29.25% 49,182 -0.87%

Chennai based manufacturer’s formula of cheaper Bullet 350 and Bullet 350 ES have done wonders in August sales. At one side where the Classic 350 lost around 6000 units against July 2019. The newly launched cheaper variant of Classic 350 called Classic 350S which is priced Rs 9000 less than the regular model, is expected to help increase the sales of Classic models. On the other end, the Bullet 350 and ES 350 registered impressive growth, both YoY and MoM.

As you can see in the table above the number of Bullet 350 sold is 11,824 which is about 10% more than the 2018’s number and whooping 36% than the previous month. The ES 350 which doesn’t sell much in the Royal Enfield’s portfolio gained traction with the recent price cut. ES 350 grew double than what it did in August 2018.

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Another interesting bit these numbers is the Himalayan 400. The Adventure tourer motorcycle which managed just 538 units in August 2018 sold three times that number to 1653 units in August 2019. In July the ADV posted 1619 units which was a delight for the company. Mighty 650 twins saw a slight dip in sales may be due to increased exports to 2172 units against 2225 units in July 2019.

650 twins sales motorcyclediaries

Despite the increment in sales of three models in the Royal Enfield’s portfolio, the sales dropped -0.87% when compared to July 2019. This is an indication that slowdown in the market is holding back as people are reaching showrooms to get the benefits of new models and heavy discounts which are offered by the dealers.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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