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Royal Enfield sales are down by staggering 26.6% since last year, revival is expected in the near future

Royal Enfield has been in quite a trouble from some time now. The Chennai based bullet maker’s sales fell with a thud sound (metaphor). There is no light to be seen if seen from the eyes of the brand itself. However, to hit back the slowdown, Royal Enfield launched cheaper versions of their entry-level Bullet and Bullet ES 350 bikes.


The effect of more affordable Bullet 350 and Bullet ES 350 will be seen the sales number for the month of August 2019. Increase in sales might not be too great but we can see the suspension of falling numbers for a couple of months. The festive season which will kick in October 2019 will show the real colors of the Indian two-wheeler market and the automotive sector as a whole.

It turns out that Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is the least demanded motorcycle from the company’s portfolio. Only 94 units were dispatched in July 2019 against 323 unit last year. Classic 500 somehow managed to hold its position by delivering 627 units in July 2019. Although last year, this number was 2152 units. This is clearly the effect of 650 twins.

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Classic 350, on the other hand, still holds the tag of best selling Royal Enfield but the numbers are quite low when compared to last year’s. 29,439 units of Classic 350 moved out of showrooms this year in July against 44,054 units last year. Bullet 350 sales fell, for the first time, below 10 thousand units to 8,680 units.

650 twins sales motorcyclediaries

Speaking about the top of the line Interceptor and Continental GT 650, their sales once against picked up after a small fall in June 2019. A total of 2225 units received their new owners. It is reported that Royal Enfield has increased the production of 650 Twins and touched 4,400 units in July. Company is working out to increase the output to about 5,000 units in a month.

The most versatile motorcycle from the house of Royal Enfield, the Himalayan 400 surprisingly saw a 100% increase in sales. In other words, Himalayan sold double of what it managed last year in July. This month 1619 units of Himalayan were sold while last year it was only 811 units.

At last, there are some reports circulating on the internet suggests Bullet Trials models are receiving nearly no booking, therefore, dealers are converting it into Classic models by adding a rear seat and lower set exhaust. There are no exact numbers available for the sales of Bullet trials models.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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