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Revolt RV 400 price turns out to be Rs 1.3 lakh on-road under Rs 3,499/month plan for three years

Delhi based Revolt motors have launched their first AI-enabled electric bike, RV 400 in the Indian market. The Revolt RV 400 price is pegged at Rs 1.3 lakh on-road for the base variant which will attract a monthly payment of Rs 3,499 for three years. Top variant of RV 400 which has artificial engine sound and start/stop function from mobile app, will charge you Rs 3,999/month for three years.


The company has also revealed its less powerful and more affordable model called RV 300 for the city users. RV 300 will be available for Rs 2,999/month for three years.

revolt rv 300 motorcyclediaries


RV 400 top speed in the Eco mode is 45 kmph

Powering the Revolt RV 400 is an electric motor with a rated power output of 3kW and 170Nm. The maximum power output is rated at 5kW which is good for those highway rides. The lithium-ion battery pack is a 3.24 kWh unit which will return an ARAI claimed range of 156 km per charge. Charging time is well under 4 hours from a 15A wall socket.

revolt rv 400 price motorcyclediaries

There are three riding modes available on the RV 400. The Eco mode will deliver you the highest range possible and top speed in this mode is restricted to 45 kmph. Normal mode, on the other hand, will have a restricted top speed of 65 kmph. Sport mode will return the least range per charge but will have a top speed of 85 kmph which is quite good for city roads.

The RV 400 comes loaded with features like a fully digital instrument cluster with a self-diagnostic feature. One can also connect their RV 400 via a smartphone app where you can also change the artificial bike engine sound. There is a remote key control which can help you locate your bike in the crowded parking spaces. The remote can also start the bike via remote and also lock/unlock the bike.

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There is an option to buy a connected helmet with the bike as an accessory. This helmet has an inbuilt microphone and speakers. Not only that, but the helmet has voice-activated controls for the e-bike. This whole system is powered by our very own Google.

Being en electric bike, RV 400 can also do water wading during monsoons. This is because the battery pack and motor are IP67 certified which can be used in the water. The e-bike weighs just 101 kg and has a high ground clearance of 215 mm. The rider footpegs are adjustable for sport and cruise mode.

revolt rv 400 price motorcyclediaries

On the other hand, Revolt also revealed one more city commuting electric bike called RV 300. This is a cheaper variant and comes with a hub-mounted electric motor. The RV 300 is powered by 1.5kW motor and coupled with 2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. RV 300 has a top speed of 65 kmph with a range of 80 to 180 km per charge. You can book an RV 300 from 29th August 2019 onwards.

A lot of free packages available with the RV 300 and RV 400 bikes

The RV 300 is available for Rs 2999/month for 3 years that turns out to be about Rs 1,11,000. RV 300 is capable of returning a range of 180 km in the eco mode which is considerably more than that of RV 400. However, in the normal and sport mode, RV 300 runs out of juice in 110 km and 80 km respectively.

revolt rv 300 motorcyclediaries

Both the e-bikes get a 5 year/75,000 km warranty on both the bikes. The warranty on the battery pack is even more at 8 year/1,50,000 km. Both RV 300 and RV 400 comes with maintenance benefits for 3 years and 30,000 km. A free tyre-set replacement and consumables will be taken care of without asking for any extra money. Not only that, but insurance is given with the bike free of cost. Hurry up guys, these offers are introductory and will be dismissed once the sales pick up.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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