Why is Karol Bagh such a popular spot among bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts?

Karol Bagh is now considered where the affluent people of West and Central Delhi go to shops, with busy shopping streets including Ajmal Khan Road, Arya Samaj Road, and the Ghaffar Market, named after freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

Without much advertising or marketing strategies, the Karol Bagh bike market has managed to attract people from all over India as well as from abroad countries like US, Canada, China and others. This is because of its popularity that this market enjoys among the bike enthusiasts. There are separate sections of the market, especially the Naiwala Street, which is crowded with bikers and bike enthusiasts. This lane has shops dealing in new bikes, used bikes, spare parts, tour packages on rented bikes, biking gears and many more services related to bikes. Majority of these shops on this street have been in the business for a long time and few of them even claim to have serviced the bikes owned by the Kings and Nawabs of the past. When it is about bikes, anything from a pin to a chassis, everything is available in this sprawling market.



The Royal Enfield has an exclusive street dedicated to it in the Karol Bagh Bike Market. Motorcycle touring has caught up in the recent years and so has this market. Here a buyer not  only gets the rarest of spare parts, but can also get any kind of bike service and second hand bullets at affordable rates. The reason why bike lovers keep flocking to this place in large numbers is the quality of the products available at affordable rates. The biggest advantage of this market is because of its diversified products and the availability.


This is probably the only area in the country where at least 80 shops are lined up to meet the requirements of the bike and bullet lovers. One can also find the classic vintage models restored to perfection in this bike market.



Best place for bike accessories

Bike accessories at Karol Bagh are readily available. It is difficult to leave this place empty handed. The shopkeepers and wholesalers have understood the demand of the consumers and have upgraded themselves with the modern day biker needs. Karol Bagh ensures a wide range of accessories that attract the bike lovers and meet their needs. There are hundreds of dealers spread all over Karol Bagh’s bike market dealing in spare parts and accessories that fit both the most basic and the most technologically sophisticated models.

Bike Customizers are also a big part of this market. Bikes are made and designed as per the  customer’s requirements.These bike accessories at Karol Bagh suit the needs of people who want to have custom-made bikes, especially if they plan to go on long biking tours. Bikes are modified so as to make it comfortable for the riders. The famous “LC” or so called Ladakh Carrier can be easily found here and can also be modified as per your requirements.

In our follow-up stories we will go deep in the Karol Bagh market and bring out the hidden magicians of this famous bike market who can work do wonders to your bike. The bike market at Karol Bagh is a hot spot in Delhi throughout the year. But it is at its peak during the riding season. Undoubtedly Karol Bagh has become a one-stop destination for biking enthusiasts and bike businesses.


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