An electric bike that can run for 150 miles without pedaling. 

Rimac has taken its electric bikes to the next level.

Greyp, which is a subsidiary of the Croatian company Rimac, unveiled its new electric bike with an impressive range of 150 miles per charge. Which means you can ride the e-bike for 150 miles without having to pedal.


If you compare it with the company’s last electric bike, the Greyp G12s, had a range of 75 miles with a full charge. Most electric bikes have a range of only about 20 miles.

This new bike is called the G12H, it can also reach a top speed of 27 mph and is street legal.

Like other electric bikes Greyp makes, the G12H boasts of some high-tech features. A biometric sensor is built into the bike so that a rider can simply touch the sensor to activate the ignition.

There was no confirmation from the company on when exactly the bike would become available, but Kresimir Hlede, the company’s chief operating officer said in a press statement that it would be sometime before the end of this year.

The company did not reveal any price for the vehicle, but expecting it to be cheap looks like a distant possibility. The G12S prices at about $9,500, so the G12H is likely to be in a similar range.

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