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Okinawa i-praise has a detachable Lithium-Ion battery pack, costs Rs 45,000 more than Praise

Okinawa Scooters has launched i-Praise electric scooter with Li-ion battery at Rs 1.15 Lakh ex-showroom. This price is a significant increase over the lead-acid battery powered Praise electric scooter. Praise is priced at Rs 71,460 ex-showroom.

Around 500 bookings were received for i-Praise in just 15 days and Indian Navy became the first customer of Okinawa i-Praise.

okinawa ipraise motorcycle diaries

The i-Praise comes with a detachable lithium-ion battery pack. The manufacturer claims that charging time of battery pack is reduced significantly to 2 to 3 hours from 6 to 8 hours charging time on lead-acid battery on Praise scooter. The battery pack can hold 2.9 kWh charge and can be charged from a 5A home socket. If you want an additional battery pack, you have to shell out Rs 70,000. The i-Praise scooter will be 30-40% lighter than Praise since Li-ion batteries are far lighter than lead-acid batteries.

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okinawa ipraise motorcycle diaries

Okinawa claims an impressive range of 160-180 Km in a single charge and a top speed of 75 kmph in turbo mode. It is an everyday business to claim exaggerated range for electric scooters, only an extensive review of the scooter will confirm a real-world range in Indian conditions.

okinawa ipraise motorcycle diaries

Okinawa also released the Okinawa Eco app which comes with features like battery life, trip details, service intervals and most importantly Geofencing feature that will send a notification on the user’s phone when the scooter leaves a certain perimeter. The seat height also increased to 800 mm from 774 mm on the Praise.

i-Praise is a strong rival to the Ather 450 electric scooter as 450 is priced a little more than Okinawa‘s flagship scooter. Ather is technologically advanced but i-Praise claim to have a longer range. It is yet to be seen whether Okinawa will get more booking for the i-Praise scooter as now the price has been revealed by the company.

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