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Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle And Its Called AK-47

Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle

Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle: 50 Kalashnikov electric bikes will be used by Moscow Police

Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle: Kalashnikov, the title associated with possibly the most famous assault rifles the AK-47, of all time, will soon be producing bikes, of which the Moscow Police will us at next year’s FIFA World Cup, the first 50. So far, details are sketchy about the bicycles, but the new bikes’ police version is supposed to have a range of over 150 kilometers.

Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle

The new electric bike is offered within a bicycle for police forces and a design model for its army. The military model sports a camouflage paint scheme and the rifle rack on the handlebars. Russian motorcycle manufacturer IZH, a subsidiary of Kalashnikov, which has a history of motorcycle production dating back to 1928 is building the bikes.

Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle

A video on the Kalashnikov site showcases the bike’s army version but provides very little detail about the technical specifications and cycle parts. The footage shows a man dressed unplugging the charging cable and stuffing it into a side-case, which seems to house a large-sized battery. Electric bikes are going to have flexibility and the stealth to permit troops to traverse without the sound of an internal combustion motor and across the terrain. The SilentHawk uses a hybrid engine, however little is known thus far about technology and the powertrain of the Kalashnikov bike.

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