ninja 300 motorcycle diaries

With localization of Ninja 300, comes cheaper spare parts

In July 2018 Kawasaki launched updated Ninja 300 with dual-channel ABS and also reduced its price by Rs 62,000. Ninja 300 is now available for Rs 2.98 Lakh ex-showroom, Delhi. Heavy localization helped Kawasaki achieve this price reduction. Not only that, individual cost of spare parts has reduced significantly.

ninja 300 motorcycle diaries

We have a list of spare parts with reduced costs. To begin with, the clutch cable is down to Rs 250 from Rs 1860. The throttle cables, meanwhile, are reduced to Rs 330 for opening and Rs 290 for closing from original costs of Rs 1950 each. Disc brake pads for both front and rear were priced Rs 2790 are now tagged with Rs 780 instead. Disc rotors saw a huge drop from Rs 28,460 (front) and Rs 19,020 (rear) to meager Rs 2100 (front) and Rs 2310 (rear).

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As for the tyres, the new MRFs are priced at Rs 2690 for front and Rs 4280 for rear while previous IRC tyres came with a price tag of Rs 10,610 (front) and Rs 17240 (rear). The price of Chain/Sprocket set remained unchanged which is still expensive at Rs 14,440. Cost of Ninja 300 chain/sprocket is five times costly than that of KTM‘s. Price of Cluth and Pressure Plates also remained unchanged at Rs 5100 and Rs 3030 respectively.

ninja 300 motorcycle diaries

The components which saw a massive price cut were cowlings or fairing or whatever you’d love to call them. The price of both right and left cowling has dropped from staggering Rs 52280 each to Rs 5270 each. The new price is nearly 10 times less than that of the previous one.

ninja 300 motorcycle diaries

Other components like brake and clutch lever also saw a smaller cut. Made in India turn indicators now cost Rs 470 each from Rs 2780 each. The front wheel assembly saw a price cut from Rs 44,970 to Rs 5920 and Rear wheel assembly is down to Rs 7330 from Rs 48180.

Below is the list of Ninja 300 spare parts with old and new price:

ninja 300 motorcyclediaries

This reduction in the price of spare parts will surely help increase the sales of Ninja 300. Prospective buyers now have cheaper Ninja 300 with cheaper parts for servicing and repairs. Excisting owners can now have peace of mind when it comes to accidental falls and minor accidents or just replacement of parts due to wear.

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