The excitement of riding electric bikes is more than just power. Adding more and more to environment can be proven to the birth of hazards, so why not to go green and save our next generation and potentially better for our wallet as well.


What if a bike results with 200hp and 168ft/lbs of torque? All of us think that this is far beyond our imagination. So here I will introduce you to a electric superbike The Lightning LS-218 produced in United States by lightning motors. It took first place among all motorcycle, gas and electric at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The superbike also have made winning record on the circuits. FIM EPower championship at Le Mans 24 Hours, TTXGP wins all running on electricity. The manufacturer claims a top speed of 218 mph(351 km/h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats which if verified and would make it the fastest production motorcycle.



One of the great strengths of electric motorbikes is that there’s really no impediment to a perfect throttle mapping, no flat spots or unwanted leaps in the power delivery and no drivetrain snatch as petrol gets squirted into dry throttle bodies.


Its full throttle betrothed its unbelievable acceleration which is enough to freeze blood in your veins. LS-218 is a single speed, clutchless and a direct drive bike which can cogently locked in 6th gear permanently provides you the tremendous brisk, you can slow down by changing the drive sprockets for some 10-15 percent extra acceleration off the line if you really don’t want to go as fast as it can.


Its wet weight of 495lbs may blunts its outright performance and makes the bike difficult to manage at very, very slow speed.


This is a predominant machine because it is going to be the first electric superbike which goes so fast on a single twist can lead the market of electric bikes on its next level.


For reservation or information about the motorbike click on: http://lightningmotorcycle.com/#superbike


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