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Bajaj’s Electric Future | Upcoming Bikes In 2018

Bajaj’s Electric Future

Bajaj’s Electric Future Bikes

Bajaj’s Electric Future: The current ultimatum by transportation minister Nitin Gadkari has generated all automobile manufacturers selling their products to rethink their plans. His future plans that have bulldozing the fossil fuel industry means producers will have to concentrate more on electric and hybrid vehicles. A whole lot of manufacturers will probably switch over to electric, and among them is Bajaj Auto.

Bajaj’s Electric Future

In a meeting with Livemint, Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto, disclosed details about their project ‘Urbanite.’ Tesla is known the world over. Despite its humble roots, Bajaj has evolved into a ‘functionality for the masses’ brand so it’s fitting for it to come up with low-cost high performance electric bicycles and scooters in a segment that has been about transportation. Bajaj will work beneath the Urbanite brand on the electrical space .

Now, Bajaj isn’t the only one thinking of vehicles as a modest manner of transportation. Like Tork motorcycles and Ather energy happen to be working on bicycles and scooters which guarantee feature cutting edge technology in addition to to be powerful. In actuality, last year, Hero MotoCorp invested Rs 205 crores in Ather.

Bajaj’s Electric Future

Other producers are hard at it as well when it comes to transportation. Homegrown entities like Hero Electric have been around for a decade now. TVS’s electrical scooter was spied in Bangalore. They’ll be launching the production version in a couple of decades.

Like it or not, the future is electric.

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