A randomly planned ride to GOA. 1721 kms in less than 24 hours.

A B.tech engineer from Rohtak, Vikram has a knack of doing things differently. He is a technology geek and more often he is seen with his gadgets which he builds himself.


Choudhrary is a well-known biker and has earned a healthy repo in the biking community. Vikram represents the reputed FSRMC which is known for its difficult terrain feats across the country.


Vikram owns a number of bikes, ranging from Bullets to Kawasaki Ninja 1000R. He has an unmatched zeal for biking. He likes to repair the bikes on his own and doesn’t even mind dismantling the technologically advanced Kawasaki Ninja. People might think he is crazy but to become a genius you need to have a crazy mind.


Vikram doesn’t really plan too much for his rides. In fact he is always ride-ready! He has done numerous rides and many random rides which he calls as his refreshments.

Though Vikram had done several rides on the same Delhi-Mumbai route, this time it was different. He wanted to try out his newly purchased Ninja 1000 and also his own endurance levels. It was August, 2015 when one fine day he decided to go out on a solo ride to cover this route and without much hesitation he set off for this journey. A small bag with few sets of clothes and a small tool kit bag was all he had with him. He began at around 2 PM from Rohtak Toll Check point.


This route is good and on his high power Ninja engine Vikram was enjoying his ride more than anything. Vikram doesn’t like taking unnecessary halts and so he kept riding. Before he could figure out how much he had covered, he could see the outskirts of Udaipur. It took hardly 4-5 hours for him to reach Udaipur which is indeed very short time. Vikram made sure that he kept the petrol pump slips and toll slips just to record his timings and locations.


So far the ride was smooth but he had to face drizzles which made him to stop and cover his luggage. Usually the Delhi-Mumbai route can be monotonous and exhausting. Choudhary had his previous experience on his Royal Enfield bikes , which he felt were very tiring and exhaustive. But this time his excitement was on a high and his speed and throttle kept him occupied. By the time he could further measure any distance or think of a halt he reached Ahmedabad at around 10.25 pm. This is where he decided to take a very short break and have dinner.

The light was not good enough to ride so he was making up his mind to stop till morning.There were other people at the dhaba  who were immensely amused at his endurance and speed. He was greeted by many people and questions kept on pouring from fellow travelers about his journey and his next destination. People were eager to know how soon can he reach Mumbai and beyond. This spiked an idea inside his mind and he thought why not stretch the ride a bit longer and stop at GOA? Very soon Vikram was on his Machine and headed towards Mumbai. It was early morning and the sunlight slipped through his helmet visor when Vikram could see he was in the outskirts of Mumbai and was delighted to see the small hills that you find while entering Mumbai. The Ninja ride so far had been so smooth that his body wasn’t tired at all. But then his smooth ride took a halt and the so called biker’s nightmare “Puncture” appeared on his rear tire. He could not find any mechanic around so he kept moving. You have an advantage when you are on tubeless tires. After one and a half kilometer he found a puncture maker who helped him fix his tire. Vikram had now reached Mumbai which is about 1500 kms from Delhi. He further planned his ride till GOA where he would call it a day.

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Meanwhile Vikram realised that he took the OLD route by mistake and this route wasn’t very smooth. But that didn’t dampen his spirits and he kept moving. When Vikram was about 200-300 kms far from GOA, he stopped near a milestone and signboard where he had already touched 1721 kms in 23.24 hours. Vikram was ecstatic on this achievement and shared his images with his group, his friends and mates back home. Unlike his last visit to Goa the Policemen were helpful and supportive who gave him an easy passage into the city. On reaching Goa which is about 2200 from his start point a happy Vikram decided to call it a day. Many had asked him to register it for a successful saddle sore ride but that was something which failed to excite him .His toes had swelled up and a painful butt would not let him sit but back in his mind he was a satisfied rider which kept a nice glowing smile on his face.


But this is not all. While on his way back he did an extended stretch from Bangalore to Murain (MP) where he marked 2000+ kms in 24 hours. Vikram keeps on coming with such sudden rides when he shocks and surprises his friends and mates.

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