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June 20, 2024

Planning a ride to Ladakh: Check-out these tyres for Royal Enfield

Tyres are the most crucial thing on any vehicle, be it a car or a bike. Here I brought you some examples of tyres...

Best Indian Road Trip Routes | Ride For an Unforgettable Experience

Best Indian Road Trip Routes | 7 Challenging Yet Scintillating Routes The prospect of motorcycling along an endless road often beckons the kid in you...

130 Days, 29115 Kms, 29 States, 2 countries-What A Ride!

Let’s take a glimpse of our incredible India through the lenses of our HARCORE MUSAFIR, S.ALI MEHDI ZANDER. Here is currently one of the best...
world tour

Around The World In 500 Days: Aaron Mitchell’s Biking Tour

Aaron Mitchell's Biking Tour Completed 50000 kms and £25,000 and Aaron Mitchell's biking tour is completed after 500 days. Might not look like a big...
Sixth Edition Tour In Bhutan 2017

Royal Enfield Announced Sixth Edition Tour In Bhutan 2017

Date sheet of Sixth Edition Tour In Bhutan 2017 Sixth Edition Tour In Bhutan 2017: Royal Enfield fans will be very happy to know that...
Guinness Record For Motorcycle

British Kane Avellano Sets New Guinness Record For Motorcycle Journey

British Kane Avellano travels 45,000 km to sets new Guinness Record for motorcycle journey Guinness Record For Motorcycle: Kane Avellano has become the youngest person to...

A Rider, An Engineer & A Geek: Vikram Choudhary

  A randomly planned ride to GOA. 1721 kms in less than 24 hours. A engineer from Rohtak, Vikram has a knack of doing things...

World’s Toughest Motorcycle Riders

World’s Toughest Motorcycle Riders Well when you start relaxing after a great ride and pat your back for few hundred kilometres, the Iron Butt Association will...

She Proved That Marriage Is Not The End Of Our Dreams...

HOPE is wishing that something would happen, FAITH is believing that something will happen COURAGE is making something happen. We are meeting and reading about women who...

7 Toughest and Desired Terrains For Motorcyclist In India

It's a divine experience when we choose to travel to not much seen places and confront nature so close. One explored on motorcycle is...