Royal Enfield always wins our confidence principally because of its enhanced grip and performance from his tyres. We spend a great deal of time discussing the virtues of various brands and rubber compound before changing tyres and also before we opt to go for a long, off-road ride for thousands of kilometers. It would be suicidal to ride there in those terrain with stock tyres.

1332744127_43a7740405_bFrom Indian army to adventure motorcyclists, Royal Enfield has always been preferred over others. Few specification has to be taken care for which I am suggesting few options specifically for Royal Enfield which have proven their performance, reliability and cost-effective.

modified-royal-enfield-bullet-machismo-1Well there are not many who are competing with other to be the best tyre manufacturer like Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, MRF, TVS, CEAT, Continental etc. Among all the mentioned names, you will find the best options for you motorcycle below:

TVS Tyre ATT RIB 3.25/R19 Tube: INR 2195

This is a tyre endowed with a range of capacities, all blending to form the finest road experience a radial can offer.

  • The ATT RIB affirms the bike’s speed capacity with good traction.
  • Treads on a range of surfaces.  
  • Has traction on wet and dry surfaces as well.  
  • Durable and long lasting.  
  • Provides stable ride at high speeds.  
  • Balances the bike’s turning capacity.
  • Quiet ride, with lower noise emission.  
  • This radial is sure to snooze its way past curves, armed with the best braking capacity.

The tyre makes for the best balance, keeping the bike safe while leaning its way through the variations of the street.


CEAT Secura Sport 3.25/R19 52P: INR 3900

This one is a smart choice. This specific model is acclaimed by many motorcyclist.CEAT Secura Sport 3.25/R19 52P because It is specially made with high strength materials that toughens it from the inside.

  • It also helps in saving fuel while driving, and comes with a low rolling resistance.
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Good traction
  • Better grip on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Better for safety when cornering.

SECURA-SPORT-CEATMRF Tyre Rib Rib Plus 3.25/19: INR 3920

This radial polishes the speed and endurance besides enabling good mileage.

  • It avoids irregular wear and gives an excellent braking performance. It is featured with Rib tread pattern and Steel Belt Encasing which gives better control
  • Has great resistance against harsh roads.
  • Better stability and high durability.

MRF-2-Wheeler-Tyres-MoGrip-SDL493192138-1-c94bfCEAT Tyre VERTIGO SPORT 100/90 R18: INR4200

100 is the width in millimetres of the tyre’s cross section and 90 is the ratio of the sidewall height to the cross section width, R is the radial construction with inch diameter of the wheel that the tier is designed to it on. This is a radial designed to fit sports bikes, enabling them to cruise at higher capacities, but with a seal of safety always.

  • Featured with the Nylon casing which is meant for protection against all odds which results to bring resistance against harsh roads and increases its life span.
  • blocks on the tyre makes it capable of providing good stability during bends and high speeds.
  • Ensure you a better grip on the road which helps to keep your ride comfortable and strain free.


MRF Tyre Zapper Q 110/90 R18 Tube: INR 2055

It brings upgrades in the performance of the tyre, in addition to taking the comfort of the ride to a new level and giving its mileage a boost as well.

  • Specially enhanced, ‘sticky’ compound – Meant for better grip on the road.
  • Higher contact region – Gives excellent stability by making better contact with the surface.
  • Enhanced groove distribution – For better water channeling and smoother drive quotient with excellent drainage characteristic, smoother drive ensured always.

Zapper-FM-MRFMRF Tyre Zapper FM 90/90 R19: INR 2055

Developed with rigid materials that helps in giving precise control and agility to go along with high performance. It comes with a range of sizes between 18 and 19 inches.

  • Tread condition and shape that builds acceleration and speed, removing all hindrances for the flow.
  • Exclusively modeled functional grooves – A format that enables great distribution of energy, and water drainage action.


And last fact what I want to share is among these 4 brands i.e. MRF, CEAT, Dunlop and you should definitely buy TVS because the wall thickness of TVS tyres is much higher. It is a 6 PLY tyre and all others are 4 PLY. Although it will be marginally heavier because of 2 extra ply but it won’t cause any trouble while riding. TVS tyres are durable and do not get puncture easily.

Stay safe! Your ride your choice.



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