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New Pirelli Angel GT II will provide improved wet performance, best in class mileage, and superior grip at all times

Pirelli has presented its new tyre, the Angel GT II. These new tyres are engineered to recalibrate the rules regarding Sports Touring. New Angel GT II tyres are upgraded version of award-winning Angel GT tyres. New tyres are made to offer superior grip at all time, best in class handling, exceptional grip in wet conditions as well as help in return best mileage.

angel-gt-ii-rear motorcyclediariesPirelli Angel GT II tyres are designed keeping World Superbike ‘intermediate’ race bike tyres as a benchmark. These tyres will reset the benchmark of performance and grip in the world of sport touring. The electronics of a motorcycle will give optimized feedback, all thanks to these tyres.

Pirelli Angel GT II has more Silica content which provides exceptional grip over any road conditions

angel-gt-ii-rear motorcyclediaries

The main objectives of the company are:

  • to ensure maximum grip on all road conditions, linear behavior in lean transition and consistently support line-holding.
  • To further raise the bar for tyre lifespan in the segment.
  • To couple the sportiness of Pirelli DNA to exceptional performance in full wet conditions.
  • To maximize the effects of electronic systems like ABS, Traction control, etc.

angel-gt-ii-rear motorcyclediaries

New Pirelli Angel GT II has been made to meet the needs of Grand Tourers, Smart Urban as well as Free Timers. Speaking about the Grand Tourers, these riders use their bikes for long distance touring, with pillion and luggage. The sports tourer and adventure tourers they use require extensive safety and confidence, more mileage, greater stability as well as improved comfort.

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angel-gt-ii-rear motorcyclediaries

Smart Urban, on the other hand, are riders who use their motorcycles mostly in the urban areas. These bikers use their bikes every for commuting and for city mobility. The sport naked bikes, super sports as well as crossover bikes that these riders use demand extensive control during acceleration and braking. The increased amount of silica used in new Pirelli Angel GT II tyres provides this exceptional level of control.

Pirelli Angel GT II is a production version of WSBK intermediate tyres

angel-gt-ii-rear motorcyclediaries

The term GT means long distance touring at high speed with comfort and safety. This signifies a ride filled with emotions and fun which in turn refers to a pleasurable ride. The new Angel GT II is made to enhance the versatility of previous generation Angel GT tyres which holds a position of its own in GT concept.
Tyres make use of extra treads on the side wall to make way for water to find a way and thus providing better wet-performance. More Silica in the rubber compound makes it provide exceptional grip over any road condition. Even in the cold condition tyres will provide maximum grip. The new Pirelli Angel GT II tyres are in line with the Pirelli DNA as well as Gran Turismo concept.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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