Let’s take a glimpse of our incredible India through the lenses of our HARCORE MUSAFIR, S.ALI MEHDI ZANDER.

Here is currently one of the best riders in India. He is a die-hard traveler and a true citizen who has taken his dreams to another level. A mind-boggling ride to cover the entire nation and touching 2 countries during the course of a ride. Ali is an accomplished rider and an avid photographer. His capture skills make these journeys visually presentable.

One can just sit back, browse through his photos and enjoy the entire journey. His way of documenting the trip is very artistic and his way of representation is a visual retreat. Here are some facts that can take your sleep away. He has covered a mammoth 29115 km in 130 days. Covered 29 states and touched Bhutan & Tamu (Myanmar) during this epic run.

Today on the occasion of his birthday we dedicate our Motography Section to ALI and MUSAFIR DIARIES which is his brain child. Happy Birthday Ali and all the best to you and your future endeavors.


Here’s Ali sharing his experience in his own words!

“I believe that life in an adventure and the only way to be happy is to ‘Live the life you Love & Love the life you Live”.

With this in my mind and my hunger for adventure, I set out from Aligarh and rode for (130) days to the 29 states of my Country, Bhutan & Tamu (Myanmar) and completed a total of 29115 km.

“I had no aims or final goals, just one crazy motorcyclist and the long vast roads. I simply wanted to travel and explore my country, experience its vast and various cultures, food, it’s people and places.”


The journey was sure a fulfilling experience for me. From riding on dangerous roads, to the hot desert roads, to the cool rainy Western Ghats, the beautiful beaches down south, to the hot dry cities, to the beautiful northeastern states, to riding in the middle of nowhere, experiencing all weather types and terrains and getting lost in the mountains, explored roads less taken and saw some breath-taking views, I got a feel of my country and its amazing regions and weather types. Being a history lover I also got to visit and see some amazing monuments with their ancient intricate architecture.

“Not only did I ride during these 4 months, but also trekked in the northeast, rode to Siachen Base Camp and spent time with our Indian army, sat by the sea in Goa and saw the beautiful sunset, watched the sunrise in Tawang Arunachal (the place of the rising sun) and many more amazing places.”

Not forgetting the lips making food, I tried and ate in these 4 months. From sweets to local brews, the awesome Lucknowi Biryanis to authentic North Eastern delicacies and Goan seafood.I also met and spent time with amazingly helpful, interesting, extremely generous and loving people along this journey. Made many new friends and connected with my old ones. Shared million happy memories, stories and smiles and received lots of blessings and love.

“One of my most precious memories and first time experiences was celebrating my Eid and eating my Eid lunch at the Langar, at world largest kitchen at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab.”

Stay tuned for follow-up stories when we would bring to you more insights from his breath-taking rides.

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