bajaj pulsar 180f motorcyclediaries

Bajaj upgraded the Pulsar range in anticipation to refresh the products, and the bikes have brought them numbers

Bajaj Pulsar is a name which is on the lips of every youngster who is basically a college goer. The Pulsar range of bikes has always showered bike enthusiasts with the feel of a big bike and good performance without breaking the bank. Here I will not be talking about the numbers but the actual reason why old-gen Pulsars are still selling without much effort.

pulsar 180f motorcyclediaries

In 2017-18 Pulsar series of bikes saw a small downfall but Bajaj was quick to act on this. The company then launched refreshed versions of Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, and Pulsar 220F. The update was mainly cosmetic as mechanically all three bikes use same age-old engines.

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The main point to ponder is why Pulsar is still selling like hot cakes in the Indian market when better motorcycles are present. To know about the secret, we must look into this matter as a customer. In earlier times (I mean 2005-2010), the people who bought Pulsars were extremely happy about the performance and not to forget efficiency. The muscular design and manly feeling which these bikes grant were the main points of attraction.

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However, these points might not be working nowadays but something else is. This is word-of-mouth, yes, most of the sales of old-gen Pulsars are coming from Tier-II and Tier-III cities and from the rural areas. These people are actually those who are upgrading from their 100-110cc bikes.

Pulsar 220F registered 7111 units in May 2019

On the other hand, in the Tier-I and Tier-II cities are fetching numbers for bigger Pulsar models like NS200, and Pulsar 220F. It is quite surprising to see 7000+ sales of Pulsar 220F in the era where better tech bikes are available. The reason, cheaper pricing, and it is not possible to beat Bajaj’s pricing in the Indian market.

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Suzuki launched FI equipped fully faired Gixxer SF for 1.09 lakh whereas Pulsar 220F is priced at 1.05 lakh ex-showroom. One much not forget 220F is a lot more powerful motorcycle here and offers greater highway performance. But Gixxer SF is nimble and more fun to ride on track as well.

bajaj pulsar 180f motorcyclediaries

Only time will tell whether Bajaj will change to newer engines of these bikes to comply with BS6 norms or continue with the same engine with EFI on board. In my opinion, Bajaj should go for new age engine with better technology as dragging old-tech will keep them behind in terms of technology.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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