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British Kane Avellano Sets New Guinness Record For Motorcycle Journey

Guinness Record For Motorcycle

British Kane Avellano travels 45,000 km to sets new Guinness Record for motorcycle journey

Guinness Record For Motorcycle: Kane Avellano has become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo. Avellano took to finish the 45,000 km excursion across six continents and through over 36 countries on his Triumph Bonneville. He finished the trip this season and finished the trip. Kane’s name will appear as the new Guinness Record For Motorcycle in the new version but he has already received his Guinness World Record certificate.

Guinness Record For MotorcycleKane had to battle blistering heat from the hills of Australia, monsoons in India and strong storms in South America. He took 233 days to complete the trip, completing it a day.

“The last eight weeks are the most exciting in my entire life. I had the opportunity to discover what the world really has to provide, to meet many different people along the way and explore their own cultures, religions, and behaviors while having an incredible time, ” he said.

Guinness Record For Motorcycle“This will be the first motorcycle circumnavigation to be verified by Guinness in 14 decades and I’m really pleased it had been done in my Triumph – it is a bike I’ve shared lots of memories with and has been the ideal bike for the job, albeit not your normal experience bicycle.”

He is looking forward to his second experience. Though he has yet to learn how to fly, he now intends to circumnavigate the globe by air, which makes him the first man to achieve this by air and land.

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