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Ever since the 650 twins were launched, their sales only increased every month till June 2019

We reported last month that the RE 650 twins sales crossed 2400 units will absolute total of 2427 units. This was in the month of May 2019. Moving forward to June 2019, the sales saw a slump, yes you read that right. The sales of RE 650 Twins fell for the first time in 9 months. The company sold only 1751 units of its largest capacity motorcycles in the country.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

This amounts to a fall of 676 units in a single month. If we calculate the falling percentage, it turns out to be -27.85% month on month basis. An interesting part of this slump is the company is yet to hike the price of these bikes. We can now clearly say that once the price of RE 650 twins are increased, the sales will come down.

At present, the Interceptor 650 is priced at Rs 2.5 lakh ex-showroom and Continental GT 650 will set you back by Rs 2.65 lakh ex-showroom. These bikes easily cross Rs 3 lakh mark when we talk about their on-road price.

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Boosting the 650 twins sales is the heart of these bikes. It is a 648cc parallel-twin engine with 8-valve head accompanied by air & oil cooling. This engine churns out 47bhp at 7000rpm and 52Nm torque at 4000rpm. The engine is quite underpowered when we look at Kawasaki Ninja 650 and CBR 650R’s 70bhp and 95bhp number. However, in RE’s frame of reference, the new engine is powerful enough to provide hair raising performance to the masses.

Royal Enfield 650 twins sales motorcyclediaries

It yet to be seen when the Bullet maker will announce the price hike on the introductory price tag. Increasing in the price of petrol did not cause this slump as anyone who is buying a 650cc bike will not care much about fuel prices. We would see the fate of 650 twins by analyzing July sales. Maybe one can argue that long waiting period might have caused this slowdown, who knows. What do you think caused the drowning of 650 twins sales in June 2019? Please let us know in the comments section.

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