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Honda Activa might be selling like hot cakes, but Navi, CliQ, and Unicorn 160 are pure sales Dud.

It is quite unforgettable when Honda made grand arrangements for the announcement of Navi back in 2016 Auto Expo. All the way to 2019, things are not working the way Honda desired to. Despite multiple attempts to revive and move Navi out of the showrooms, people don’t really care about a small motorcycle looking thing with scooter’s powertrain.

Honda bikes motorcycle diaries

Things went so bad that sales of Honda Navi fell down to a SINGLE UNIT in the month of November 2018. This single buyer of Honda Navi must be given some free goodies for his contribution. It is also worth mentioning that Navi is the cheapest product in Honda’s line-up.

Honda bikes motorcycle diaries

This year Honda dared to launch another little two-wheeler with the name Cliq. Honda Cliq is a smaller gearless scooter with bare basic equipment. Cliq sold only 96 units in the month of November 2018. This is the worst sales figure of Honda Cliq. Though priced significantly lower than Activa and targeted at customers of rural India where buyers are extremely priced sensitive, Cliq refused to move out of the showrooms.

The main reason why people aren’t buying these little two-wheelers is not yet fully understood. People might not want to look humiliated on these puny machines, I’m just saying. Or maybe Activa is the sole reason for Navi and Cliq to fail in India.

Let’s talk about Unicorn 160

Honda bikes motorcycle diaries

Before writing this article, I swear to god, I thought that Honda had already discontinued the Unicorn 160 but when I reviewed the sales figures of Honda I was shocked to find out a big ZERO in front of Unicorn 160. That’s absolutely true. Sales of Honda Unicorn stood at ZERO (0) in the month of November 2018.

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I don’t exactly know what top honchos at Honda discussed in 2015 when they discontinued the successful Unicorn 150 which was selling around 30000 units per month. The upgraded and more powerful Unicorn 160 was not received well by the masses. When the sales in the 150 cc segment fell pretty low, Honda relaunched the Unicorn 150 back in the country somewhere in mid-2016. It would not be a surprise to find out that Unicorn is still doing pretty well by selling around 22000-28000 units per month.

Honda bikes motorcycle diaries

Honda Unicorn 150 Specifications:

Engine: 149.2 cc, single cylinder
Max Power: 12.73 bhp @8000 rpm
Max Torque: 12.8 Nm @5500 rpm
Gearbox: 5-speed
Ground Clearance: 179 mm
Fuel Tank: 13 Liters
Kerb Weight: 145 Kg
Top Speed: 101 Kmph

With this kind of sales performance of Unicorn 150 even in 2019 clarifies that there are still some who love things simple and believe in a proved product. Most of the marketing in India is done by customers itself through word-of-mouth. Most successful products in India like Hero Splendor, Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Bajaj Pulsar, Honda Unicorn and many more are the result of word-of-mouth by their happy customers. In a nutshell, a product is not going to find success on its own. The customer must be happy and satisfied with the product’s performance to drive the sales further.


Honda Navi motorcycle diaries

Honda must discountinue these products and work towards launching performance oriented motorcycles in India. Honda has taken performance segment for granted which can be seen by relaunching of old CBR 250R. 200 to 300 cc segment can be fruitful for Honda if they launch properly priced bikes with good availability of spare parts. Honda, we are still waiting.

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