Activa 125 FI, the first Indian scooter to comply with BS6 emission norms, comes with a 6-year warranty

Honda unveiled its latest product, Activa 125 FI which also happens to be the first automatic scooter in the country which is BS6 compliant. This time the Japanese giant has thoroughly worked on the mechanical aspects of Activa 125. Through this article, we will list down all the changes made to the scooter.


Fuel Injection

2019 Honda Activa 125 Fi now comes with Honda’s trademark PGM-FI electronic Fuel Injection system. With this on board, the scooter will have better throttle response, smoother power delivery, and higher fuel efficiency.

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Emission control

With PGM-FI helping the engine to use fuel more wisely, the emissions control mainly comes from the use of the FI system. Rest, the scooter features O2 or Lambda sensor, a larger catalytic converter. With all these features, Activa 125 FI becomes India’s first scooter to possess the tech required to comply with upcoming BS6 emission norms.


eSP – Honda’s idle-stop system

Honda Activa 125 FI now comes with the idle-stop system which is termed as eSP. This technology turns the engine off when the rider stops at a traffic signal or stuck in heavy stop and go traffic. eSP system starts engine in a short amount of time with a slight twist of the throttle, thus saving fuel and increasing the range per tank.

Honda Activa 125 BS6 – Image Gallery

Silent Start

2019 Activa 125 FI is not equipped with conventional starter motor. However, an Integrated Starter Generator system termed as ACG is used to start the engine as well as for charging the battery. The ACG starts the engine without any noise and in a very short period of time. This is because there is no meshing of gears like in the existing two-wheelers in the market. This system also reduces strain on the battery when used repeatedly.


Revised Instrument Cluster

Speaking about the instrument cluster, the new Honda Activa 125 FI comes with a revised digital-analog meter. Speedometer is an analog unit whereas the rest of the readings are displayed on the digital display. In addition to the regular items like odometer, trip meters, clock, and fuel gauge, the automatic scooter has real-time fuel efficiency, average fuel efficiency as well as distance to empty feature. These features will provide a rich riding experience to the riders.



The new BS6 scooter comes with side stand indicator. If you start the engine with the side stand on, the engine will automatically shut off. This feature will help in preventing any mishap due to side stand. Another safety feature is Combined Braking System (CBS) which reduces braking distance by 10% under emergency situations.

Other Bits

2019 Honda Activa 125 FI BS6 features telescopic forks at the front end and monoshock at the rear. The automatic scooter will come in two variants – one which is equipped with drum brake and other which sports front disc brake. The designed bits are rather mature but look good. Body of the Activa 125 FI is made of metal which provides a premium feel.


For the convenience of the customers, Honda has given a glove box in the front panel, external fuel filler cap. Another surprise gift from the company is a 6-year warranty. The standard warranty is 3 years but customers can opt to extend it up to 3 more years by paying a little amount.

Honda has said that new Activa 125 will go on sale before the festive season in September 2019. Speaking about the price of the scooter, we expect it to be around Rs 70,000 for drum brake variant and around Rs 73,000 for the disc brake variant.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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