steelbird helmet motorcycle diaries

This Steelbird helmet SBA-1 HF allows you to attend calls and listen to music on the go via hands-free AUX

Steelbird just launched their new helmet SBA-1 HF. This helmet is pretty smart as it can be connected to your smartphone and can let you attend calls and listen to music while you are riding. SBA-1 HF does not use wireless technology like Bluetooth instead it makes use of AUX cable which has to be connected to rider’s smartphone. SBA-1 HF is priced at a mere Rs 2589/- which makes it the most affordable Helmet that offers in-built hands-free connectivity.

steelbird helmet motorcycle diaries
Steelbird Helmet, SBA-1 HF

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Since SBA-1 HF doesn’t use Bluetooth, hence lacks battery, which makes it pretty light-in-weight too. According to the company, this helmet is the result of two years worth of research and development. This Steelbird Helmet provides you powerful performance and high-quality sound. Auxiliary cable can be connected to any type of smartphone.

steelbird helmet motorcycle diaries

This Steelbird Helmet is built for city rides and comes with features like active noise cancellation through an omni-directional mic. User experience a reduction in ambient noise while riding. It comes along with access to Google Assistant and a dedicated button to call connect and disconnect. The speakers though doesn’t have noise cancellation feature so the rider is aware of the surrounding noises while riding. The whole system is waterproof according to the company with IP5 water resistant hands-free components.

steelbird helmet motorcycle diaries

Furthermore, the Steelbird SBA-1 HF helmet gets better ventilation. There are air-intakes in the chin guard and an air intake in the front and top area. There are two rear extractors that help in venting stale air inside the helmet. The helmet uses a poly-carbonate anti-scratch, quick release visor mechanism.

Check out Steelbird SBA-1 HF Helmet on their official website.

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