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TVS Rally Team shows grit in gruesome Stage 6 of Dakar 2019

Stage 6 of Dakar 2019 kicked off after a day’s rest. The route was from Arequipa to San Juan De Marcona. Total length of the stage was 838 Km with 336 Km of special stretch. The team traversed through multiple tricky sand dunes amidst intense heat. Difficulty was further raised by the complex navigation of the sandy sector.

Unfortunately, TVS Rally Team‘s fastest rider Lorenzo Santolino met with a crash and had to evacuate from the race. He is currently undergoing medical treatment in Lima.

tvs dakar 2019

On the positive side, Indian rider Aravind KP has improved his ranking. Aravind climbed to 48th position overall from his previous 64th. Proving his skills and mettle, Aravind navigated through the most complicated sector. He rode carefully even with persistent issues with the roadbook and completed 6th Stage of Dakar 2019.

tvs dakar 2019

David Casteu, Team Manager, says, “It was a challenging day for us. Our fastest rider Lorenzo is out of the rally, which is a setback for the team. He showed great promise in the first half of the rally and was the fastest beating even experienced riders. We wish him a speedy recovery. I am confident that our other three riders – Adrien, Michael, and Aravind will be able to get a good finish for the team. The crew is ready to support them in all possible ways for the challenges that lie ahead.”

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tvs dakar 2019

Here is what Aravind has to say about his day, “I had a good start to the stage with a good rhythm on my motorcycle. But soon the roadbook machine on my motorcycle stopped working and so I had to scroll manually. This broke my rhythm and I had a few minor crashes. It was a challenging day for sure but I am glad to have this stage in the bag.”

tvs dakar 2019

Adrien Metge faced mechanical issues but from his brother Michael’s help, he successfully finished stage 6. Adrien Metge managed 33rd position overall, on the other hand, Michael Metge secured 36th position.

tvs dakar motorcycle diaries

7th Stage of Dakar 2019 will be within San Juan De Marcona. Here riders will ride 387 km, out of which 323 km is special.


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