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From BS6 compliant two-wheelers to an all-electric motorcycle, we have more than to digest in the Game Changers of the Month: June 2019

There were a few launches and some unveilings in the month of June. Both Hero and Honda unveiled each product with compliance to BS6 emission norms. However, the products are not launched in the Indian market as both companies are looking at the market sentiments for BS6 two-wheelers. Here we have some interesting news which can turn out to be Game Changers for their respective manufacturers in the future.

Honda Activa 125 BS6 is the first automatic scooter to comply with Bharat Stage 6 emission norms

Game Changers of the Month – June 2019 – Activa 125 BS6

The new Activa 125 FI is the first automatic scooter to feature BS6 compliant engine. Honda has added PGM-FI, O2 sensor and a larger Catalytic converter to comply with BS6 emission norms. As you all know, the new emission norms will come into effect from April 2020. Thus, all automakers are working hard to achieve this target.

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The new scooter has a host of new features, there are real-time range and fuel economy indicator on the instrument console. LED headlamp, glove-box, larger underseat storage will ease the life of customers. With this product, Honda could enjoy a monopoly in BS6 scooter segment if launched within a month or two. There is no doubt, the new Activa 125 FI will prove to be a Game Changer for the Japanese giant.

Revolt RV400 with a range of 156km/charge becomes India’s first AI enabled electric motorcycle

On 18th June a new company has made an electrifying entry into the electric vehicle segment. Revolt RV400 which is the first electric motorcycle in India is also a connected one via a 4G SIM card. RV400 also has Artificial Intelligence enabled features which are designed to provide assistance to the riders.

revolt rv400 motorcyclediaries
Game Changers of the Month – June 2019 – Revolt RV400

Exact specifications are not yet out but we strongly feel that RV400 is powered by a 5 kW electric motor. Speaking about the range, the RV can go up to 156 km per charge in the eco mode. One can expect a range of 120 km in the real world with occasionally running on power mode.

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Looking at the weight of muscular design and a long list of features, Revolt RV400 will surely become a Game Changer for the company. As there are no direct competitors, RV400 is likely to rule the electric motorcycle segment for some time.

Harley Davidson heads China for small capacity Bike

Game Changers of the Month – June 2019 – Harley 338cc bike concept

Where some manufacturers like Bajaj, Hero, and TVS are developing bigger bikes, Harley Davidson decided to create a small capacity bike for the Asian markets. That said, the American giant has tied up with the Qianjiang Motorcycle Co. to develop a 338cc motorcycle for Harley Davidson. Harley will sell this bike under its brand name in the Asian markets.

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Qianjiang Motorcycle Co. is the owner of Benelli and sells the iconic sounding bikes in India. Speculations say that engine might be based on TNT 300 but that’s not likely to happen as it is sporty bike. All in all, we can sense what will be coming from the American and Chinese tie-up. The 338cc bike will be a Game Changer which is being made to handle dwindling sales and revenue of Harley Davidson.

First BS6 Motorcycle certification goes to Hero Splendor 110 iSmart

At one place, Honda unveiled its first BS6 compliant product. On the other side, Hero silently developed its own first BS6 motorcycle, the Splendor 110 iSmart. The interesting fact is that Hero unveiled its first BS6 bike just two days before Honda’s big event. We can safely make out that first motorcycle to sport a BS6 is non-other than Splendor 110 iSmart.

hero slendor motorcyclediaries
Game Changers of the Month – June 2019 – Hero Splendor

The certification of BS6 compliance is given by the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT). ICAT conducted a test of compliance before awarding the certificate to Hero MotoCorp. Hero developed this motorcycle at its technical center in Jaipur.

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So these are the Game Changers for the month of June 2019. What do you feel about these little transporting machines? Do let us know under the comments section below.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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