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A new kid with 2-cylinders on the block, electric cycles-cum-bike, and insane fines for breaking traffic rules

This month, one of the best twin-cylinder motorcycle launched in the country. The flawless and precision scalpel KTM 790 Duke will now make its presence felt in the Indian market. Another important update for this month was the launch of new electric bikes from Polarity. The motor vehicle amendment bill enforced and a record-breaking fine was collected due to the new insanely high fines for breaking traffic rules. All these points are going to change the game for the industry as a whole which occurred in September 2019.

Game Changers September 2019: KTM 790 Duke

KTM launched the much-awaited twin-cylinder middleweight motorcycle in the country. The KTM 790 Duke is launched for Rs 8.64 lakh ex-showroom. The price might actually look a bit high at first glance but it is a well-positioned motorcycle with spot-on pricing. The rivals of the bike start as early as Rs 7.52 lakh for the Suzuki GSX S750 and more powerful Kawasaki Z900 for Rs 7.70 lakh ex-showroom.

This price is easily justified by the CKD route as well as the availability of a full set of electronics package with the mean machine. Cheaper alternatives offer just ABS and traction control whereas the Duke has countless electronics such as 9-level traction control, four-ride modes, wheelie control, ABS with cornering ABS, two-way quickshifter and much more. The rivals now have to recheck their pricing and if possible they’ll have to get back to the drawing board.

Game Changer September 2019: Motor Vehicle Amendment Act

The motor vehicle amendment act came into enforcement on the 1st of September 2019. The new act has revised fines for the road offenses and other malpractices done on the roads. Fines are now up by up to 10 times in few cases. Even traffic officials did not back off from the hike in the fines as they charged few people for multiple offenses. The price of challans in few cases exceded the cost of the vehicle itself.

The Government states that they did this so that Indians start following the traffic rules which they rarely do. Once people start following the traffic rules the number of accidents will also go down. This time around the fine for overspeeding and rash driving is increased to Rs 5000. Another important factor is Rs 25,000 fine will be imposed on the under-age riders which will definitely make road safer at least for them.

Game Changers September 2019: Polarity Electric Bikes

In response to the launch of electric scooters and electric motorcycles, Polarity launched entirely something else. These electric two-wheelers are termed by the company as Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) courtesy to their single seats. Not only this, but these PMVs have pedal assist so that you don’t get stranded due to the lack of charge.

Polarity E1K

Starting at a price of Rs 38,000 for the base executive model to Rs 1.10 lakh for the top of the line sports S3K model, the Polarity electric bikes will literally change the game of the electric vehicles in the near future. A most interesting fact about them is their 80+ km range for all the six models launched by the company. It is best for commuting to school, college, and office and will appeal to a wide range of individuals.

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Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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