Polarity electric bikes launched from Rs 38,000, six models of electric personal mobility vehicles are now available

Pune based electric bike manufacturer, Polarity, has launched six models of all-new electric bikes. The company likes to call them Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV) owing to the presence of only one seat. Prices of the Polarity electric bikes start from Rs 38,000 for E1K and go all the way up to Rs 1.10 lakh ex-showroom for the S3K model.

There are two segments – Sports and Executive. From the names, we can make out the facts of these two segments. Each segment consists of 3 models. The Sports models offer higher top speeds than the Executive models. The range of each model is 80+ km in a single charge. One does not have to be anxious about the charge as you can charge the battery just by pedaling. Yes, you read that right, bicycle-like pedals are given which makes these bikes as exercising tool.

One can opt for different battery packs as a customization option

The Executive segment has three models, the base model is E1K which is priced at Rs 38,000 and has a 1kW motor. This base model is good for 40 kmph top speed. E2K is the one with 1.5kW hub motor and is priced at 65,000. Top speed of E2K is 60 kmph. Top of the line model of Executive series is E3K which is powered by 2.5 kW motor and has a top speed of 80 kmph.


In the Sports series, the S1K is the base model which comes with 1kW motor and has a top speed of 45 kmph. S1K is priced at Rs 40,000. Next model, the S2K is priced at Rs 70,000 and comes with 2kW motor which is good enough for 70 kmph top speed. The top model is S3K which is equipped with 3kW motor and also is the one which hits the ton! This 100 kmph electric bike is priced at Rs 1.10 lakh. All the prices are ex-showroom.

Polarity electric bikes Specifications-

polarity specs motorcyclediaries


The bookings of all the electric bikes are now open for a token amount of Rs 1001. This amount is refundable if you happen to change your mind before the deliveries start in the Q1 of 2020. These PMV does not have a direct rival for the body style whereas capable contender are Okinawa, Hero Electric and Ather scooter. Newly launched Revolt range of electric motorcycles can also compete with the Polarity electric bikes.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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