Game Changers of the Month: August 2019 features the most affordable Bullet 350 and the very first all-electric motorcycle

Game changers are those models and changes in the two-wheeler industry which are likely to change the game for the particular manufacturer or the industry as a whole. This month, we have an electric vehicle which is none other than the Revolt RV 400 and the second one we have is Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with the new paint scheme. The Game Changers of the Month August 2019 will certainly change the way these players deal with the current market conditions.

Game Changers August 2019: Revolt RV 400

Revolt Motors have launched its very first electric motorcycle in the Indian market. The Revolt RV 400 happens to be the first electric motorcycle in the country. Also, it is the first electric motorcycle to have AI-enabled features. The company is also the first to introduce a pay-per-month plan which will be going to help a lot of people to buy this impressive electric motorcycle.

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The two variants of RV 400 is priced at just Rs 3,499 per month for 3 years for the base variant and Rs 3,999 per month for the premium variant. What you have to do is just pay one extra installment of the above said amount and the bike is yours. Total amount you’ll be paying about Rs 1.3 lakh for the base and Rs 1.5 lakh for the premium one.

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The RV 400 will run up to 150 km per charge in the eco mode and about 90 km in the sport mode which is not at all bad on any accounts. The bike has a top speed of 85 kmph in the sport mode. Battery on the bike is removable and can be charged at your home. What else can you get from a vehicle that does not burn your pocket?

Revolt RV 400 is expected to set the electric two-wheeler space on fire. As this is the first proper electric motorcycle to launch in the northern part of India. Till now, other electric vehicles are launched in the southern part and are selling like hotcakes, take Ather 450 for example.

Game Changers August 2019: Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and 350 ES

During this slow down in the two-wheeler sales from part few months, Royal Enfield in the one which got hit hard by it. The sales of Bullet maker fell on its knees as the company sells bikes which are priced north of Rs 1.5 lakh on-road (in most cities). So the company had to do something to increase their sales and revenue.


Royal Enfield has changed their game by launching more affordable variants of their Bullet 350 series, Standard and Electric Start. These models lose quite a great deal of chrome and get blacked-out parts. There is no hand-drawn line and premium metal Royal Enfiled logo either on the new color variants. This has helped the automaker to reduce the prices by up to Rs 9,000 on both the models.

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The electric start variant is priced at Rs 1.27 lakh ex-showroom whereas the standard is priced at Rs 1.12 lakh ex-showroom. This will certainly help the iconic motorcycle manufacturer to control the steep fall in the sales. Rest all can be told only after a period of a couple of months of sales. The festive season and the recent Government stimulus is expected to boost the sales in the coming months.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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