China’s Qianjiang Motorcycle Company will now make small capacity Harley Davidson motorcycles

Harley Davidson and Qianjiang Motorcycle Co. came into a joint venture through with the Chinese company will manufacture small capacity Harley Davidson motorcycle for Chinese as well as other Asian markets. Qianjiang is the same company who owns Italian bikemaker, Benelli. The company sells Benelli bikes in the Indian as well as overseas markets.

Harley Davidson Small Bike – 338cc (Rendering)

The small capacity Harley Davidson motorcycle will have 338cc engine. We can expect a parallel twin engine instead of V-twin. The design of this small Harley will not be of a cruiser a but regular retro-modern styling like that of Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Jawa 300. Other option could be of a flat tracker, the renderings of which is now all over the internet. A flat-tracker design would make it look more unique in the segment Harley Davidson is stepping.

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The new motorcycle will be made in China and will go on sale in late 2020. Indian launch is expected to be in early 2021 or maybe mid-2021. If bike turns out to be a single cylinder, which is highly unlikely, the price would hover around 2.5 lakh mark. A twin-cylinder 338cc motorcycle from Harley Davidson will carry an ex-showroom price of around 3.5 lakh.


Rumors are in the air, the Harley could use existing TNT 300’s twin cylinder engine for the development of a parallel-twin engine. Others suggest that Harley will go for a single cylinder unit to keep costs down. A cheaper single cylinder bike can get the sales registers ringing in the Indian and Chinese market. It is yet to be seen and speculate the developments from the American bikemaker’s side.

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