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Smart Electric Motorcycle Innovation by German Students

Smart Electric Motorcycle

Ethec is a Smart Electric Motorcycle designed by a group of students and incorporates cutting-edge technology

When it comes to the innovation and designing a new smart electric motorcycle that is capable in all the ways, a team of experts was employed for such creation, Ethec electric motorcycle. It is a full-fledged production model of a motorcycle made by the initiatives of a group of students who belong to ETH Zurich and Zurich University of Arts. Their team comprises of around 13 mechanical engineers along with electrical engineers, and amongst them two are from industrial design faculties. They have uplifted the creation of the Ethec electric motorcycle that consists of various essential smart solutions that are packed with a full proof of innovative technology.

These teams of experts have gained a continued development and marketing efforts with significant sponsorship leads.  The electric motorcycle is designed similar to that of the motorcycle designs. It has a tubular frame with construction bodywork, which is employed as that of a particular motorcycle’s frame. Based on the mathematical optimization the trapezoidal fork allocates geometry adjustments. This results in an increased perseverance and stable motorcycle. One of the best things is that the motorcycle consists of a conventional pair of shocks. The features are precisely more appealing as it is made of carbon-fibre that is re-enforced plastic. It doesn’t require a key that means it works on the keyless system. 7-inch touchscreen displays give relevant information as it precisely works on an integrated satellite navigation system.

It gives a 400km of the range that uses a 15kWh capacity lithium-ion battery that also consists of an active and passive cooling system. It thus continuously monitors a cell temperature that provides a peak power of 67bhp. The bike has a unique wheel hub motors that give a great power of around 29.5bhp.

The design is a first draft that has brought a tremendous boom into the automation industry. The technical engineering, design, production, and marketing are overall processes that are managed by the students. These students are highly appreciated for their consistent research and credibility of self-study and lectures have helped them, to achieve such a great innovation that has employed a great innovation that helps in obtaining higher efficiency. The Ethec uses a regenerative braking that consists of wheel hub motors. Thus, Ethec is thus a smart electric motorcycle that has all capable batteries that provide for around 400km.

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