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Husqvarna FS450 Supermoto is perfect for our roads

Husqvarna FS450

2019 Upcoming Motorcycle: Husqvarna FS450

Husqvarna FS450: 2019 will be a tremendous year for motorcycles, amongst which the Swedish motorcycle manufacturer has launched its innovative FS450 Supermoto. The sub-frame of the FC450 is the latest and made up of carbon-fibre. The previous unit already was a magnum opus, yet this one weight around 220 grams lighter.

It consists of a new cylinder head, which is also lighter. To maintain control electronics have been updated. The 450cc engine is paired with an updated 5-speed gearbox. Power delivery remains the same at 63bhp though.

The redesigned bodywork consists of a new throttle cable routing that aids easier maintenance and enhances the functioning of the cooling system.

The compact silencer and the chain adjustments are increased more than the earlier by 5mm. the weight of the bike FS450 is 103 kg and compared to that of the bike launched in 2016, it also has a slipper clutch with new map switch controls.

One of the great news is that Bajaj might see the demand for such bikes and just might bring Husqvarna soon enough. The only Supermoto currently sold in India is the Ducati Hypermotard, and a few Kawasaki non-road-legal dirt machines.

People would love to see the latest and more powerful line of motos being available as options. Being one of the most demanded models in its range, it has a long travel front and a rear shock absorber that gives the substantial capacity to this motorcycle.

It is thus an ideal machine for Indian road conditions and just hopes Bajaj brings its partner to be available for us.

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