Bajaj Chetak vs Ather 450 Motorcyclediaries

Bajaj is the only mainstream manufacturer to enter the electric two-wheeler space with Chetak electric

Ather 450 is the most technologically advanced made in India electric scooter till now. Now Bajaj came in the ring with its newly launched Chetak electric scooter. Not only Bajaj Chetak is the latest electric scooter but it is the sole product from any mainstream two-wheeler manufacturer. Let’s dive into the specification comparison between the Ather 450 and Bajaj Chetak electric.

Looks and Style

The first thing which catches anyone’s eye is the design. At one side where Ather 450 flaunts its full-on futuristic design language, the CHtak, on the other hand, uses more conservative timeless design. The design of Chetak might remind you of the Vespa scooters because it is inspired by the Italian brand.


Apart from that, the 450 is built on a lightweight Aluminium frame with bolt-on ABS plastic panels. Bajaj said that Chetak is made out of sheet metal. The frame, however, is to be confirmed by the manufacturer. We expect the underpinnings of Chetak is metal pipe frame. Where there are disc brakes at both ends on the Ather, Chetak uses dual drum brakes on Urbane variant. The premium variant does offer front disc brake for additional stopping power.

Powertrain and Performance

Bajaj Chetak is powered by a 3.8kW (5.1bhp) electric motor with a peak power output of 4.08kW (5.46bhp). Ather 450, on the other hand, gets a relatively less powerful motor with a continuous rated power of 3.3kW (4.4bhp). One must not forget that 450 gets a higher peak power of 5.4kW (7.24bhp) against Chetak’s 4.08kW (5.46bhp).

Speaking about the transmission, the Ather uses a direct belt drive while the Bajaj has fitted a first-ever highly efficient automatic gearbox on an electric scooter. In Sports mode, Ather will outspeed the CHetak due to its higher power delivery. Tides will take a turn when the scooters are used in Eco mode. Bajaj has 0.5kW power advantage and thus Chetak can outperform in daily commuting.

ather 450 chennai price motorcyclediaries


Chetak boasts a bigger battery pack on 3kWh against 450’s 2.7kWh unit. One full charge via an AC socket in Chetak takes about 5 hours while Ather will need another 30 minutes to fully charge. However, Bajaj Chetak lacks the DC fast charging whereas Ather provides fast charging via Ather Grid at a nominal cost of Rs 1/km.


Ather is here the most feature-packed electric scooter. It is fully loaded with a 7-inch full-colour touchscreen instrument cluster. The display shows everything from leftover charge, estimated range left, location of nearest Ather Grid, onboard navigation with Google maps. It can also receive OTA updates from Ather.

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Bajaj Chetak is not far behind as it gets a fully digital instrument panel without colour and touchscreen though. It predicts the estimated range, charge status. However, one can connect to Bajaj Chetak mobile application and get detailed data about the electric scooter.

ather 450 motorcyclediaries

Both scooters get reverse assist and regenerative braking feature. The battery packs are IP67 dust and water proof so the scooter can be ridden on rainy days without worries. Additionally, Ather gets 22-litre storage space under the seat which is not mentioned in Chetak. Though we believe that Chetak also has under-seat storage.

When it comes to the touch and feel of the scooters, Bajaj Chetak premium variant takes the lead with its luxurious material used. The premium version gets 4 colour options while the Urbane variant only gets 2 colour options.

Price and Availability

Ather 450 is available only in two cities right now – Bengaluru and Chennai. In Bengaluru 450 is priced at Rs 1.13 lakh on-road and Rs 1.22 lakh on-road Chennai. Ather is working on to launch a more premium electric scooter dubbed as 450X. The 450X will come with a bigger battery, more powerful motor along with enhanced features list.


Not to mention the 450X will come with additional colour options to chose from. Ather to launch 450X in 10 major cities starting from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru, followed by Ahmedabad, Kochi, Coimbatore and Kolkata.

Bajaj Chetak launched in Pune and Bengaluru and will be sold via select KTM dealerships. However, KTM has a larger presence in the country hence Bajaj could easily expand its delivery network. Bajaj Chetak electric comes in two variants – Urbane – Rs 1 lakh and Premium – Rs 1.15 lakh. These prices are ex-showroom and additional RTO and insurance to be paid while taking delivery.

Bajaj Chetak vs Ather 450 specs comparison

Specs Bajaj Chetak Ather 450
Max Motor Power 4.08kW – 5.46bhp 5.4kW – 7.24bhp
Continuous Motor Power 3.8kW – 5.1bhp 3.3kW – 4.4bhp
Max Torque 16 Nm 20.5 Nm
Acceleration Not Revealed 0-40 kmph in 3.9 seconds
Top Speed 60 kmph, limited 80 kmph
Ride Modes Eco, Sport + Intuitive Kickdown mode Eco, Ride, Sport
Battery Pack 3 kWh 2.7 kWh
Certification IP67 water and dust proof IP67 water and dust proof
Portable charger Available onboard cable Yes, Available
Home Charger Complimentary Complimentary
Charging Time 100% in 5 hours 100% in 5:30 hours
Fast Charging Not Available
Available at Ather Grid for Rs 1/km
True Range 95+ km per charge 75 km per charge
Chassis Monocoque Aluminium frame
Body Sheet Metal ABS Plastic
Brakes Urbane: dual drum, Premium: Front disc Dual Disc
Regenerative Braking Yes Yes
Wheel size 12-inch Alloys 12-inch Alloys
Storage at least 15 litres 22 Litres
Colours 6 colours White
Headlights Horseshoe-shaped LED LED with DRLs
Keyless entry Yes No
Data Connectivity Yes, free for 1 year
Yes, Ather subscription pack 1-year free
Smart features Mobile App sync 7-inch touchscreen display
3G enabled
On-board navigation
OTA updates
App features Theft detection
Accident detection
Charge status
Push navigation
App-based service booking
Ride history
Charge status
Other features Digital instrument cluster
feather touch switches
reverse mode
Luxurious touch and feel
Park assist
Self-cancelling indicators
Doorstep service
Guide-me-home lights
Docs storage on the dashboard
Vehicle Warranty 3 years/50,000 km 3 years/30,000 km
Battery Warranty 70,000 km 3 years/unlimited km


Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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