Ather has been pulled the plug from its cheaper 340 electric scooter due to minuscule demand

Bangalore based electric vehicle startup, Ather launched two electric scooters in the Indian market, the 340 and 450. The Ather 450 is the flagship product while the 340 was a lesser-powered variant of it. The sales of Ather 450 was such that it is fully booked both in Bangalore and Chennai whereas no one is giving asecond look at the Ather 340.

Ather had said that more than 90% percent of sales is coming from the Ather 450 electric scooter. Therefore, the company has decided to discontinue the 340 so that 450’s production can be increased. Just a couple of months back, Ather launched the scooters in Chennai and the electric scooter prebooked completely for the first batch.

The factor which compelled people to choose Ather 450 over the cheaper 340 is that the price difference is too less to avoid thinking about the better equipped 450. For just Rs 12,000 you will get an overall better package. The motor is more powerful on the 450 so is the battery. 450 accelerates quicker and also have a longer range per charge than the 340.

Ather 340 on-road price was:

Bangalore – Rs 1,02,460

Chennai – Ra 1,10,443

Ather is working on to expand into most of the metro cities by 2023. The cities include- Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune plus 30 others are on their list.

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