Classic Legends has released the Jawa accessories for Jawa 300 and Forty-two, priced from Rs 399 and goes all the way up to Rs 7,499

While the country is waiting for the full-swing deliveries of Jawa motorcycles, the company has released official Jawa accessories for both its motorcycles. The accessories start from Rs 399 and go all the way up to Rs 7,499. Classic bike maker already showcased accessories fitted 300 and Forty-two models in some dealerships but now they have released the pricing of all.


There are grab rails, backrest, spoilers, crash guard and more to be fitted on the bikes. On the other hand, Jawa has also released riding gear for the riders with different taste. Let’s start with the grab rails, most affordable Grab rails is priced at Rs 399 which is called ‘Grab rail (extension)’. Next, we have Grab rail with luggage rack (extension) which will set you back by Rs 599. After this, you can get a classic Grab rail with a price of Rs 749.

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Moving on to the next one which is a ‘Hammerhead’ spoiler, is priced at Rs 999. This looks funky and also dubs up as a Grab rail. Another accessory which is priced at Rs 999 is Grab rail with a backrest (extension). Both Matte crash guard and Bar-end mirrors will set you back by Rs 1,499. Most expensive among all Jawa accessories is Chrome Crash guard with a price tag of Rs 1,599.


Moving on to the riding gear, Jawa offers Helmets, Riding Jackets, Riding Gloves, and printed T-shirts. Most affordable gear is printed T-shirts which are priced at Rs 899. Half face helmets come at a price tag of 2,349. And yeah, helmet will comes with free visor, don’t forget to take it when you buy one.


Riding gloves which are named as Gritty Gauntlet, will set you back by Rs 2,499 and comes with throw ’em around attitude. At last, the Jawa urban enduro sheath riding jacket is co-designed with Rynox gears. The jacket will provide level 1 shoulder & elbow protection as it is equipped with KNOX CE armor. The price of the jacket is the highest among all at Rs 7,499.


Jawa accessories list will only grow in the time to come. The company says more riding gear and bike accessories will arrive once everything gets in perfect order.

List of Jawa Accessories


Accessory Price
Grab Rail (extension) Rs 399
Grab Rail with Luggage Rack (extension) Rs 599
Classic Grab Rail Rs 749
Hammerhead Spoiler Rs 999
Back Rest Rs 999
Matte Crash Guard Rs 1499
Bar-end Mirrors Rs 1499
Chrome Crash Guard Rs 1599

Jawa Riding Gear Price List

Riding Gear Price
Jawa printed T-Shirt Rs 899
Half Face Helmet Rs 2349
Gritty Gauntlet Riding Gloves Rs 2499
Jawa-Rynox Jacket Rs 7499


Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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