Heavy bike center dolly

Parking a heavy bike in a tight space is always a hassle for most bikers but this GrandPitstop Center Dolly priced at Rs 3,500 makes it easy

If you own a Royal Enfield motorcycle or any other heavy bike, then you must have faced this trouble at least once in your life. Yes, parking a heavy bike in a tight space like the underground parking of one’s building or even in front of the house is sort of a hassle for many bikers. However, nowadays, there are many accessories to help motorcycle owners to help from such hassles.

Delhi based motorcycle accessories selling platform GrandPitstop came up with an affordable solution for the heavy bike owners. The brand has built a Center Dolly that will save the heavy bike owners in moving their bikes while parking at home or outside in a tight space. No more bruising or cuts or scratch on the prized motorcycle.


The centre dolly allows a 360-degree movement for the motorcycle in any direction. It is an ideal accessory for a heavy bike owner in restricted space in a home garage. Also, it will come handy for the workshops and dealerships as well.

Heavy bike center dolly

The GrandPitstop made center dolly comes at a discounted priced of only Rs 3,500 instead of Rs 5,800. The discount is available for the pre-orders only. Made of high-grade steel, this center dolly for heavy bikes weighs 8.4 kgs. The center dolly is available for pre-launch order online at the company’s website. If you own a heavy bike and wish to buy a center dolly to end the hassle of parking, you can easily get this. All you need to do is click on the below link and order it. The company will send the accessory free of cost to your home.

Click here to buy GrandPitstop Center Dolly.

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