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5 Best Custom motorcycle builders in India

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Custom motorcycles India builders| 5 of the best in business

With the Indian bike industry extending at an enormous rate, the concentration is gradually moving from the producers to boutique custom bikes developers and modifiers the nation over. Altering your bicycle used to mean changing the paint work or getting projector headlamps, however the different customisation houses are demonstrating to us that it can be a great deal more. Lets look at 5 best custom bikes India makers.

Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

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Rajputana Customs is a small bike outfit situated in Jaipur. It was begun by Vijay Singh in 2009 when he chose to assemble a specially crafted bicycle around the 350cc motor of a Royal Enfield Classic. The bicycle, which was named Original Gangster, got rave surveys at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo. Custom bikes India makers are not worth mentioning without mentioning Rajputana

Old Delhi Motorcycles

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Bobbee Singh, the founder of Old Delhi Motorcycles is a restoration expert who buys vintage Royal Enfield bicycles and changes them into gems which he at that point pitches to a worldwide client base. A 18 minute long narrative motion picture, Old Delhi Motorcycles featuring Bobbee Singh was appeared at the New York Motorcycle Film Festival a year ago.

Bulleteer Customs

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What began off as a small backyard venture in 2005 has now formed into a private company. In their own particular words, they are driven by “a voracious desire to improve things, be it plan style, dealing with or outright interest, we are continually pushing the envelope of outline and execution.”

Road Rage Custom Builds

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Road Rage Customs was begun in 2009 by Gabriel D Zuzarte and is situated in Mumbai. They began with changing bikes to look like great American Choppers fabricated particularly for the Indian street. Not long after from that point forward, they extended to altering autos, SUVs and RVs as well.

Vardenchi Motorcycles

custom bikes india

Akshai Varde, the man behind Vardenchi Motorcycles is presently Bollywood’s most loved custom developer. His first custom bicycle was a 1977 Royal Enfield which he made as an individual undertaking. Cinder Chandler, who is a humorist and performing artist living in Mumbai, spotted Varde riding the bicycle and was so intrigued by it that he approached Varde to make one for him. That is the manner by which Vardenchi was born.

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