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The Yamaha MT 15 Custom paint will set you back by at least Rs 20,000 but makes you stand out of the crowd

Yamaha MT 15 custom painted motorcycle is now available is a dealership in Bangalore. Will come right back to it. On the ides of March 2019, Friday. Yamaha launched the Dark Warrior in the Indian subcontinent. At Rs 1.36 lakh ex-showroom, MT-15 seems a bit overpriced considering it does not offer international color options, components like USD forks, and a single channel ABS. My personal gripe is the unavailability of white color with bright orange alloys. Why Yamaha Why?

mt 15 custom motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT-15 international version – See the beautiful color combination

Here I brought a video in which MysticRider Prateek talks about Yamaha MT 15 custom color options at a Dealership in Bangalore. Watch this before going any further.

This particular dealership is providing this Yamaha MT 15 custom color options before giving delivery. One is White with orange Alloy wheels and the other one is a matt blue color with neon color alloy wheels.

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Both the custom color options look far better than the official colors on Yamaha MT 15. Yamaha MT-15 is available in Black and Matt Blue color options which don’t look cool and your bike will be lost in the crowd. So, if you want to make your MT-15 stand apart from the crowd, you need to spend more.

yamaha mt15 front opening motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 Custom colors – THis one is official black color

The complete package of White Yamaha MT 15 custom color is priced around Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 which includes orange strip on the fuel tank and orange color alloy wheels. The dealership says that this color change is certified by the RTO and will mention on the Registration Certificate (RC).

yamaha mt 15 custom colors motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 Custom – White – Orange with Orange Alloys looks stunning

If you feel this complete package is a bit pricey, you can go for painted alloys. Painting only the alloys will set you back by somewhere around Rs 6,000 to Rs 6,500. As you see in the video, the Matt Blue version retains its original shade but alloys are painted in Neon. These Neon painted alloy wheels are enough to make it stand apart.

Final Words

In my opinion, these Yamaha MT 15 Custom color availability at the dealership level is a good move as buyers can pay a premium for the color combination they want. But wait a second, Yamaha could have provided the international color options at same Rs 1.36 lakh ex-showroom price, but they didn’t. Why anyone would be spending Rs 25,000 just for the colors of their liking?

yamaha mt 15 custom colors motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 Custom – White – Price of this mod job is Rs 25,000

In the first place, this motorcycle is termed as EMPTY-15 by the disappointed fans because it doesn’t offer much for the price. There is no golden USD forks, No dual channel ABS, and not even the classy colors. Duke 125, on the other hand, has top-of-the-line components like 43 mm USD forks, Orange alloy wheels, Radially mounted front Brake Calipers and Aluminum Swingarm.

Speaking about the specs, the bike is powered by a 155cc liquid-cooled engine. This powerplant pumps out 19 bhp and 14.7 Nm torque. The motor is paired to a 6-speed gearbox with the larger rear sprocket. Performance wise, acceleration is super quick on MT-15, touching 100 kmph in 11 seconds. However, the top speed is badly affected due to short gearing, Bike does speedo indicated 140 kmph on a long straight.

After the custom paint, the price of MT 15 will touch Rs 1.8 lakh on-road this makes the bike really expensive.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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