This Bullet custom is a fine example of how flexible Royal Enfields are in the field of customization

When we speak Customization, Royal Enfield is our first choice. Why? There is the answer. This Bullet custom is so comprehensive that it looks like a factory custom motorcycle from Royal Enfield itself. This is a Bullet Electric Start (former name Electra 350) model which is converted into 1940s RE 125 Flying Flea look alike motorcycle from the second World War Era.

Bullet Custom – It takes two months to finish the custom job

The exceptionally beautiful Flying Flea motorcycles were used during World War II by the British to move troops to areas where heavy trucks and tanks couldn’t go. Its main purpose was to deliver messages to the troops during the unavailability of the radio signal.

This one weighs at least three times the original ‘Flying Flea’

During the World War, these bikes weigh just 59 kg and were dropped from the aircraft attached to a parachute. Powering WD/RE 125 Flying Flea motorcycle was a 2-stroke, single cylinder, 125cc air-cooled engine. This powerplant produced 3.5 horsepower and was mated to a 3-speed gearbox. Flying Flea achieved a top speed of 72 kmph (45 mph).

Bullet Custom – The original 1942 Flying Flea

Here is a video in which all the details of this Bullet custom is discussed.

If you look closely, part of the bike after the fuel tank is nearly identical to the stock Bullet ES model. The major change we get to see here is the new Girder suspension system instead of conventional telescopic forks. The new suspension system forces the headlight to move forward. A speedometer is placed offset and has chrome finished cover.

The handlebars are wide and are comfortable to hold. An Ammeter is placed directly on top of the headlight assembly. There is a cool black knob to opt for low beam and high beam. Speedometer is on the right side of the headlight assembly and comes with an odometer, nothing else though.

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Moreover, the Fuel tank is a teardrop shaped unit which holds around 17 liters of petrol. A conical high-performance air-filter is used (don’t have any idea about its manufacturer) which will make breathing easier for the 346cc engine.

This ‘Flying Flea’ Bullet Custom is Electric Start 350cc motorcycle

Next, we have a custom made exhaust, at the end of which is shark fin. This new exhaust is cool and sounds great. Exhaust is loud and has a heavy base. At a higher engine speed, it sounds throaty too.

Bullet Custom – The Flying Flea has a modern engine

Seats and Saddlebags are made out to high-quality leather and are stitched in white to give a lasting impression. The whole motorcycle is painted in shiny maroon color which looks amazing. The visual appeal in this Bullet custom is way beyond the imagination.

All you have to do is call the customizer and send them a Bullet motorcycle which you might be currently riding. It will take around two months to complete this custom job on your bike. Consider this, the customizer says that they will help you out in dealing with RTO related paperwork once the customization is done.

So what are you waiting for, love it? Get it done.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding and Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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