made them cover the DISTANCE

but the PURSUIT stays



what it took

was the HUNGER of creation

PASSION for something unusual

the mind, the body, the soul

and all the forces in the universe came together

for the birth of

Garage Customs

And the first project

Bobber Project.

Busy in their lives creating movies, handling huge projects and teams, earning for a fancy living was not enough to satisfy them and their thirst was not quenched by the professionalism of life. There was this unsaid wish and want to do something what was coming their way but had no clue about how to ignite it and it was hard to discuss as on what grounds and belief? So their wish was heard by someone, miles away and on one fine day they received a call from a friend in Chandigarh. The call, I believe was for their hidden desire and the dream they once dreamt.

fdsfTheir fascination for motorcycles was not hidden from the world and the people around knew about their adventurous rides and their collection of motorcycles. So this friend called them to discuss about his motorcycle, Royal Enfield(1992 model). He was planning to get it customized without a clue of what he actually wants. Listening to this Saurabh jumped of his couch and asked his friend if he can trust him and allow him to work on his motorcycle. Saurabh, one who is always ready to step into situations with the courage and belief that he will make it and is determined about the fact that there is nothing which cannot be achieved with a SPARK of fury as he always say that “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

The promptness was never imagined and was a forgotten dream for Peter but without hesitation he accepted to be his partner on this project as he never stops himself in attempting things and believes in his evolution with his evolving skills. Both were experiencing the rush of anxiety secretly in their mind.

And this is how it started.

FullSizeRenderprep-image12Prior to the arrival of the motorcycle, the task was to draft the design, design which swallows the reflection of the soul of the designer and the one who owns it. Later there were many changes that were being made on the engineering front as everything that is designed does actually fits into the design. Bike was brought the very next day and the dismantling begun. It went quite well as both of them are familiar with the inside-out of motorcycles.

It was just a machine, so raw so casual. It was not a motorcycle, it was a machine, engine with two wheels.

prep-image2prep-image4 prep-image1Every morning was different, every morning working in their garage was enticing, in fact that place itself has so much of inspiration and is hell interesting. Physically they might have got tired but mentally were always stimulated.prep-image5prep-image7 prep-image8 prep-image9 prep-image10Everyday arrived with a new challenge, new achievement and steps towards completion. Risking everyday and doing what you like is an art.

Risk it all!

The motorcycle was yet to be tuned to perfection. It was simple and that’s the beauty of it. The colour scheme and engine housing were something that were depicting the whole mood of the designer reminiscent of that time.

prep-image11And then finally came the day when they could show this motorcycle to the outside world.

7M1A0457When people saw it, they truly appreciated the work, that hard gone into it.

It was neat, precise and passionate.

7M1A0494 7M1A05037M1A0481 7M1A0500 7M1A0493 7M1A0492 7M1A0491 7M1A0485 7M1A0481 7M1A0478 7M1A0452 7M1A0450 7M1A0447 7M1A0444 7M1A0443 7M1A0430 7M1A0429  And this is how it begun.



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