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‘Tucano’ by Old Empire Motorcycles | If Mad Max was in to minimalism

The guys over at Old Empire Motorcycles in Norfolk, England have done it again. On the outside, this transformed Yamaha XT660 looks like not much work was put in to it but the real magic is in the details.


All the plastics were stripped down to reveal the machines skeleton. A beautiful steel tubular diamond frame with dual tank rails. A few modifications were done to the rear end of the frame, like all the pillion foot pegs were chopped off as well as all the brackets and the rear rails looped, keeping it nice and simple.


Now this is where things get good. All the electronics are tucked in under the seat with a clever box crafted by the boys at OEM. That keeps everything hidden and dry at the same time. The tank on The Tucano is sourced from a Kawasaki Z400 from the 70’s. It is completely modified on the bottom to house the XT660’s fuel pump. And I must say, it looks stunning, in the minimalist way possible. Not only does it look good but it even retains all the smooth operation of the EFI as well as enough space for a good amount of fuel. The radiator cover is also a one off custom piece hand crafted to match the overall aesthetic of the bike, and not to forget the nifty little front cowl above the headlight that perfectly flows with the curve of the tank (as well as hides the ignition and speedo) .



To top it all off, they threw in their trademark hand stitched leather satchels that they incorporate in all their bikes in all shapes and sizes. Gives it that extra little classy look. And the seat is given a cream leather that fades as it goes down and blends with the satchels. That kind of attention to details is what gives me the goosebumps.

A set of knobbly tires, and a paint job that would make ‘minimalist Mad Max’ proud, as well as the other tiny details is what makes the guys over at OEM the best at what they do. Giving new bikes that old look charm. They’ve done it time and time again and with this build, they’ve only just begun.

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It’s true what they say, “it’s the little things in life…” and each build that OEM churns out stands true to that.

For all the nitty grittys of the build, head over to Pipeburn.

SOURCEOld Empire Motorcycles
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