mt15 vs fz25 motorcyclediaries

Right before the launch of MT-15, we were thinking about this, which one to buy with a little price difference. Let’s get it done.

Yamaha MT-15 has been launched at Rs 1.36 Lakh ex-showroom. It is hard to believe, Yamaha did it, finally, after years of waiting. We got the naked streetfighter based on the Yamaha R15 V3 platform. There was Pulsar 200 NS, Apache 200 4V on one side and KTM Dukes on other side but nothing else in between (Listen to me, FZ25 is there in between). BMW G310R, on the other side of the door, is so expensive that it finds celebrity takers only.

yamaha mt 15 motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25 – Indian Spec MT-15

You might remember that Yamaha has one more streetfighter motorcycle, Nah, not FZ15 but 250 cc FZ25. People never give a second thought to this bike. Why? because it doesn’t look good. Is that the only reason for not considering a bike? I don’t think so. Let’s dive into this topic, which one to prefer when the question comes to choose between newly launched Yamaha MT-15 and Yamaha FZ25 ABS.

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yamaha fz25 abs motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25

Engine and Performance

MT-15 is a 155 cc machine whereas fZ25 owns a 250 cc heart. There are tons of difference between both the bikes. One has liquid-cooled, 4-valve motor while the other has air & oil-cooled, 2-valve. The difference between the power output is just 1.6 horsepower. MT-15 pumps out 19 bhp at brutal 10,000 rpm whereas FZ25 is good for 20.6 bhp at 8000 rpm, a relaxed motor though.

mt 15 vs duke 125 motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25 – Image for representational purpose

The story doesn’t end here, but it starts exactly here. The torque developed by FZ25 is fat, 20 Nm as compared to MT-15’s 14.7 Nm. A whole 5 Nm difference. This changes everything. I admit that the motor is underpowered, but the bike is also light at just 152 Kg with a full tank of fuel. No matter how light the MT-15 is (133 Kg), it does not generate enough torque to come anywhere near to FZ25 during a drag race. Period.

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yamaha fz25 abs motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25

Yamaha FZ25, with a 5-speed gearbox, clocks 100 kmph in around 9 seconds but on the other hand MT-15, which has 6-speed box, would do the same in around 12 seconds (might be little better than R15 V3 due to low weight). On the top speed front, there is tough competition because MT-15 is light enough to clock a higher top speed of around 140 kmph (speedo indicated) and the same feat is shown by FZ25 in many videos on Youtube.

Ride and Handling

Both the Japanese machines come equipped with Front Telescopic Forks and rear Monoshock (Linked Type on MT-15). But changes are in the frames, MT-15 has corner specialist deltabox frame while FZ25 has a simpler diamond frame. Suspension setup on MT-15 is stiffer than FZ25, thus 155 cc bike performs better in the corners whereas the bigger brother works fine on good as well as bad roads. The ride of FZ25 is relaxed and MT-15 is aggressive.

yamaha mt15 motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25 – MT-15 LED Headlight

Braking department on FZ25 as well as MT-15 is handled by 282 mm front disc with twin pot caliper and 220 mm disc with single pot caliper at the rear. And with a Single-Channel ABS, you’ll have total control during hard and panicked braking.

Equipment & Features

Both the bikes have fully digital instrument cluster. On Yamaha FZ25, the display looks kind of small, the only thing properly visible while riding is the font of the speedometer. You really have to pay extra attention to read the trip meter or odometer readings. We would love to see a gear position indicator on this dash, Yamaha! are you listening?

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yamaha mt 15 motorcyclediaries
Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25 – MT-15 Instrument Console

Instrument Cluster of MT-15 is lifted straight from the R15 V3. The display is clear and offers the same information as that of FZ25 in addition to a Gear Position Indicator. LED lights are available on both bikes. MT-15 has 10-liter fuel tank capacity whereas FZ25 has 14 liters, FZ25 got brownie points for longer range. It will easier to deal with FZ25 due to a lower seat height of 795 mm vs 810 mm of MT-15 (if you are short, Sigh!). Both bikes come fitted with 100 section front and 140 section rear tyre.

Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25 – FZ25 Instrument Console

Price and Verdict

Yamaha FZ25 ABS is priced at Rs 1.33 Lakh and MT-15 is priced at Rs 1.36 Lakh. Both the prices are ex-showroom. Keeping aside Pulsar 200 NS and Apache 200 4V which are available for Rs 1.12 Lakh and Rs 1.11 Lakh respectively for ABS variant. These two bikes are worthy enough to counter MT-15 in the Indian Market and we will talk about it later.

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Yamaha MT 15 vs FZ25 – FZ25 makes more sense

If you are looking for a Yamaha bike in this segment, Yamaha FZ25 will make more sense because it offers better performance, comfortable ride, and the combined fuel efficiency of 33 kmpl. I’m not done yet, it is around Rs 3,000 cheaper than MT-15. Think, you’re getting a 250cc motorcycle with 20 Nm torque for Rs 1.33 Lakh ex-showroom.

MT-15 is a 155 cc bike and is priced higher than FZ25. I don’t think one must waste any time to choose the 250cc big brother. Since both the bikes are a naked street fighter, Yamaha FZ25 is our pick any day. Had Yamaha priced it around Rs 1.2 lakh, then the scenario might be little different.

The reasons to choose MT-15 would be – the need of a fully equipped bike with advanced Engine (Liquid cooled, 4-Valve VVA vs air cooled 2-Valve on FZ25). Need a mad performer in its class (150 cc) and finally, if you love to corner. At the end of the day, it’s your choice and requirement which makes you choose a particular bike.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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