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Jawa will upgrade the 293cc engine to BS6 compliant unit, no 334cc from Perak will come in 42 and 300

As you might have read rumours on certain online publishers that Jawa is all set to introduce 334cc BS6 unit from the Perak in Jawa Forty-Two as well as Jawa 300 standard. But this news is false as Classic Legends have made it clear that no such thing will happen in the future and the bored-out 334cc engine will remain exclusive to the Jawa Perak bobber.

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As of now, newly Jawa Perak is the only BS6 motorcycle launched by the company. However, the bookings have not yet started as Jawa’s Pitampura factory is under stress producing the back-log of orders. The bookings for Perak will start in January 2020 and deliveries will start from the month of April 2020.


There were rumours that Jawa will fit the BS6 334cc engine from the Perak into Forty-Two and Standard. The logic behind this was put up that the company has to spend lesser money on ARAI testing and homologation and that 334cc engine can easily fit in the frame of Jawa 42 and 300.

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However, no such kind of thing is going to happen as this will kill the exclusivity of the Perak Bobber which is also not so practical due to a single floating seat. Instead, Jawa will upgrade the existing 293cc engine into BS6 standard with a slight price increase of about Rs 4,000 to Rs 5000.

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The 293cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine produces 27bhp and 28Nm which is fair enough for a 170 kg bike (42 or 300). Perak, on the other hand, with 334cc engine pumps out 30bhp and 31Nm torque. Earlier, Classic Legends confirmed that bigger capacity and multi-cylinder motorcycles will make their way in the Indian market with a Jawa badge.

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