suzuki vstrom 650

After an intense wait for some time, Suzuki India has finally released the V-Strom 650XT for all adventure aficionados. It elder 1000cc brother has been here long enough, but comes at a considerably higher price tag. The 650XT fits the bill perfectly. It is lighter and friendlier, and notably more affordable too. At Rs 7.46lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), not much for a versatile everyday machine that can handle rough patches with easy, has a comfortable seat and consumes decent levels of fuel.


The 645cc V-Twin engine bears the task of smooth low and mid-level torque delivery, lower fuel consumption and easy throttle response. It produces about 70bhp of maximum power which is Suzuki engineers have used dual spark plugs per cylinder and coated resin on pistons to make the burning process as smooth as possible. This means a softer but even power delivery along with a clam engine not stressing its components unnecessarily. The exhaust system has got lighter as well as lower to keep the centre of gravity low aiding handling and lesser emission. There is also a low-rpm assist which helps you potter around at slow speeds without stalling the engine.

Traction Control & ABS

Since electronics are seeping in almost everything you buy today, Suzuki V-Strom 650XT gets one too with 3 modes. One setting is standard street use, second is when you want everything safer still or you can completely turn it off. The ABS system is less bothersome on it as well, kind of a Suzuki trait. However you cannot turn it off completely.


Everything from its riding posture, luggage holds and a docile engine, V-Strom 650XT is all about usability. It matters a lot if your bike is comfortable for your bum and your senses at the same time. The new 3-way height adjustable windscreen will do wonders for wind buffeting on all sizes of riders. Engineers have worked extensively to eliminate any and all kind of vibrations. And since the power delivery has been tuned for softness, riding experience is easy and non-surprising.

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