Okinawa Ridge+ is a potent electrically powered scooter boasting 120km per full charge. Now Okinawa has already had two models in its portfolio, Ridge and Praise, which had some segment features, Ridge+ follows with keyless entry, E-ABS with regenerative energy retention and anti-theft alarm. All of these at a modest Rs 64,988 (ex-showroom pan India). The key highlight is definitely the 800-watt battery pack which could manage 120km on a complete charge.

I certainly believe electric scooters are a definitive answer to small distance commuting, but what made these interesting was that you can detach the battery pack and charge it as per your convenience. Regardless of the fact that you live on the twenty-second floor, you scooter can be charged with tiny inconvenience of carrying the battery pack. And Ridge+ is no slouch, it will still go 55kmph despite a 150kg load capacity. Two cool colours are on offer, orange/grey or blue, and those black wheels look nice too. Waiting get my hands on one of these, I really want to experience what is all the fuss about.

Although I do understand EV sustainability and kindness to the environment, but the most important bit is usability of a scooter. It is not a fashion statement, but an appliance that has to deal everyday usage. Reparability for the motor should not be much of an issue as there arent’ many moving parts in it, what might need maintenance are other electronics on offer. And since Okinawa is still not expanding at a quicker scale, there electronics better be reliable. Ohh there is a Find My Scooter Function that allows you to remotely locate your scooter in a large parking lot I suppose. Okinawa MD, Jeetender Sharma mentions about explorers, meaning he is confident about range. We’ll take your word sir, just with an expectation to have more touch-points, and perhaps charging at those places as well for differentiation.


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