jawa 300

Jawa Motorcycles is soon making a comeback to showrooms, under the care of Classic Legends Pvt Ltd. The long gone, but never forgotten legend is about to make a grand re-entry with a historical quintessence but a brand new heart. A 293cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine will supply propulsion, and since the brand wants to conserve its heritage, expect a gorgeous classic silhouette in its designing. But for the most it is the happiness of several aficionados which will keep the brand breathing fresh air, Jawa we welcome you back.

You want commitment, the new engine will be BSVI emission ready. This power plant will put out 27bhp of power and 28Nm torque laid out flat. In contrast a certain classic 350cc makes do with lesser 20bhp with similar torque numbers. Not a worthy comparison, but just thought will put it out on the table. This would mean a stronger shove when you push your Jawa. And when you hear from a brand that creating a 2-stroke noise from a 4-stroke is one of the complicated but essential tasks, you know they’re heading in the correct direction. Literally Italian sound engineers are helping with this noise issue.

Times are getting exciting for classic motorcycle enthusiasts. You will soon get modern dynamics and emissions, along with those beautiful design lines differentiating a machine from a motorcycle. Glad to see bikes from Norton, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Kawasaki, and of course this latest bombshell, Jawa Motorcycles coming back to showrooms near us. And since Jawa’s engine has an unparalleled advantage of being a BSVI compliant, we will soon see other manufacturers taking the lead. Since 1929 Jawa has been building a cult liking for its design, simplicity and sound. All Classic Legends has to do is keep the legend accessible and committed to its fan following. Jawa, I’m glad to see you back!

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