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Mahindra Developing New Electric Scooter For India

Electric Scooter

Mahindra Gusto Electric Scooter will be launched in 2018

Mahindra Two Wheelers is developing an electric version of the Gusto, tweeted to the Company’s CEO  “Anand Mahindra”. The Electric Scooter isn’t being developed ground-up though.

Electric Scooter

An early prototype was seen in the pictures that have been tweeted by the top honcho. To be able to keep the development costs in check, the company is utilizing the Gusto platform to build this electric scooter. It currently intends to make a difference in the electric vehicle section, although Mahindra withdrew from the market two-wheeler business a couple of months ago.

Electric Scooter

Mahindra Electric, its car branch, has been the forerunner in the EV industry for the last few years using its merchandise. But due to high battery expenses and reduced range, the merchandise hasn’t managed to get the numbers Mahindra has been aiming for. But now, with the government determined to weed out automobiles there has been an explosion of EV products. Plus it seems like the Mahindra Gusto electric is one of these.

Electric Scooter

Mahindra’s competitions Bajaj and TVS have been planning to get to EV business as well. In fact, rumors have it next year, that TVS will be unveiling the electric scooter. And if this occurs, we can state that the revolution has started.

Electric Scooter


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