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Honda developing Tilting Three Wheeled Scooter

Three Wheeled Scooter

Three Wheeled Scooter, Rise of the Tilting Trikes

Three Wheeled Scooter: He leaning scooter has been as a result of Piaggio’s MP3 with us for a long time and it looks like Honda is getting in on the game.


A patent application in Japan shows how they take on the three-wheeled scooter of Honda will appear. It’s a design that is simple, using a MP3-style parallelogram tilting system in the front holding two forks, one for each wheel. There’s an engine, transmission, and swingarm unit, indicating that the bicycle is bigger than around 125cc.

Therefore, it could be a competitor for Yamaha’s Tricity. The Yamaha uses a rather more complicated front suspension using four telescopic fork legs.

Three Wheeled Scooter

The new patent looks much like a design as opposed to an idea. Honda has dabbled with 2015’s NeoWing, especially with three-wheeled theory bikes. The NeoWing — front suspension apart — previewed the tech which will appear on the next-generation Gold Wing. The company has also registered several patents related to some motorcycle dependent on the NC750. Yamaha is also creating a larger tilting three-wheeler, previewed in the idea.

Honda has been game longer with a layout that is distinct. The firm’s range of Gyro scooters, mostly sold only in Japan, stay available now and dates back to the 1980s. Unlike their competitions that are modern, the Gyro models have one front and two rear wheels. Wheels, swingarm, rear axle and the engine are in a single unit, which stayed vertical. The part of the bike including the rider’s seat can lean into corners.

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