Today we have Mohit Tiwari from Extreme Riders Group with us, he is first few members of Extreme Rides The greatest expedition done by 10 bikers in India ever.

Mohit is a fun loving person who is always the soul of every place he belongs to. Few know him by the name of Marley, few call him Yaara but for us he is truly an inspiration as he is not a pretentious rider but a true rider and honest to his roots.

Q. 1 How did Biking happened to you?

A. It started from a trip when i went to manali back in 2010 and i witnessed a group bikers who were decorated with prayer flags and i got completely fascinated by that. I approached then and out of curiosity asked one of them who are they and what are they doing, it was my first trip to Manali and as i was only 21 so me getting excited was very normal and those bikers when told me about their expedition i just cud not stop my seld and decided that i ll be a biker too some day and today i am one of them .

Q. 2 How many rides have you takes.

A. So far i have taken many rides 3 times to leh, twice to spiti, expedition to Mana Pass, and many smaller circuits, but my biggest achievement was mission 10000 by yamaha where i was riding with other 19 riders from across the country and then I also became part of Extreme Ride team which is definitely the most exciting thing for me. I wish to ride all my life.

Q. 3 What keeps you going as a Rider

A. Its the freedom that i experience that i get when i ride, The moment when you kick the bullet and pull the throttle, oit starts from there. The thump of engine, the air that touches your face and the changing landscapes make me realize that life is a ride which changes with everyday, and that is what keeps me going. I wish i get to ride all my life as riding for me like water and i cant live without it.

Q. 4 You experience with Extreme Rides so far.

A. Etreme Rides – Whoa – I cant define that in words, it just hit me deep down there. I was never prepared for things i went through but thats what it made it amazing. When you know what you are going to experience it some times kills the feel of it. The support of entire team was amazing, i was completely detached from the world and it was like zen. I kind of met my self during this trip, i understood what the true meaning of Aum Mani Padme Hum means, i am so deeply connected to it now, that i ll never be able to live out side the shadow of Extreme Rides. i am an Extreme Rider and i love it.

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