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Royal Enfield owners delighted after finding a digital meter for their bike.

Royal Enfield owners feel delighted when they find some kind of accessory to fit in their bikes. And flaunt the exclusive accessory later on. This time it is a fully digital meter which can be fixed on a Bullet or Classic 350 or 500 models. The Digital meter has Speedometer, Odometer, Trip meter and most importantly a fuel gauge. A fuel gauge is what every Bullet or Classic owner badly desires.

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This fully digital meter is available on Bandidos-Pit Stop for Rs 3999/-

One thing is to be noted that the fuel meter give out accurate readings for fuel injected models. Fuel injected models are Bullet 500 and Classic 500. Finally though its a good news for Royal Enfield owners who can spend some money and get the luxury of looking at fuel indicator on long rides. Below is the video which shows how easily this digital meter can be fitted on a Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 houses a 349 cc single cylinder engine. This boastsĀ 20 PS @5250 rpm and 28 Nm @4000 rpm. The bike is heavy at 194 Kg and all this weight goes into the thin air when the bike starts to move. Royal Enfield riders love to take these guns to the most grueling place in the country, Ladakh!

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This digital meter can be an important Bullet modification will be a boon in such riding conditions. When you have a bag on the fuel tank and you want to check the fuel level in the tank.

Royal Enfield motorcycles follows a cult. These bikes cannot be termed as just any other motorcycle. People have their feeling attached to these bikes which are made like a gun. The one who buys a Bullet or Classic doesn’t even mind the basic instrument console which comes with it. All they want is the feel and not to forget, “Thump.”

There are more such digital meters available on internet. All you need to do is search! Stay tuned for more such articles.

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