yamaha r1 2021 motorcyclediaries

Yamaha R1 2021 will be a complete revamp of the iconic track machine

Nowadays, the only thing is etched on every manufacturer’s mind is the stringent emission norms. Yamaha R1 2021 will also be redesigned and developed for the very same reason. The question mark of emission norms ended the life of famous machines like Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa and Triumph Rocket III.

yamaha r1 2021 motorcyclediaries

Suzuki is said to be working on next-generation Hayabusa and might showcase in EICMA 2019. Or the hyperbike will straight away launch in early 2020. Triumph is also seen testing next-generation Rocket III, you can read about it Here. There are sources on the internet that Yamaha is also working on next-gen R1 to avoid getting choked by the emission norms of the future.

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The Japanese motorcycle maker is reportedly filed for a patent regarding new technology to be used in the Supersport. Yamaha R1 2021 model will be a complete makeover of the bike. Both mechanical, as well as cosmetic changes, are expected. There are a lot of chances that Yamaha will incorporate its learnings and tech from the world of MotoGP.

yamaha r1 2021 motorcyclediaries

New R1 can come equipped with new technology like a counter-rotating crankshaft just like what BMW and Ducati did to their new generation bikes. This tech helps in improving the bike’s agility as well as limiting power wheelies. Speaking about the power output, 2021 Yamaha R1 will have more than 200 bhp.

There are words on the internet regarding the usage of seamless gearbox just as the one used in MotoGP bikes. This type of gearbox allows clutchless shifts without any jerks whatsoever. This tech ensures that no power is lost between shifts and thus the rider can clock better lap timings.

yamaha r1 2021 motorcyclediaries

However, there is a problem with such type of gearboxes. They require a lot of maintenance nearly every day. There is a chance that this gearbox will be made available on track only models of Yamaha R1 2021. Or Yamaha has found a solution to this daily maintenance problem of the seamless gearbox.

To put everything together, the next generation Yamaha R1 2021 will be a completely different machine. Yamaha could showcase the model in EICMA 2020.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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