Hero Optima ER and Nyx ER launched for Rs 68,721 and Rs 69,754 ex-showroom respectively

The most widespread electric vehicle company, Hero Electric, has launched the new extended-range variants of Optima and Nyx electric scooters. Herp Optima ER (Extended Range) carries a price tag of Rs 68,721 whereas the Hero Nyx ER will set you back by Rs 69,754. These prices are ex-showroom.

The prices, however, are a bit more in the North-East region mainly due to the extra logistic cost incurred. In the NE region, the Optima ER will retail at Rs 71,543 and Nyx ER will carry a price tag of Rs 72,566. All the prices are again ex-showroom.


Commenting at the launch, Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric India said, “We want to offer the best of Hero Electric products to all our customers. One feedback that we have constantly received was the range anxiety associated with e-scooters, and with the Nyx ER and Optima ER, we are addressing that issue and offering a package that is high on performance and usability. I am confident that customers will appreciate these additions alongside the FAME II benefits that have made our range even more affordable.”

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If you are thinking about how Hero Electric has increased the range significantly, tell us tell you that the company has used dual Li-ion batteries for the new variants of Optima and Nyx. The batteries are claimed to charge 100% level in just 4 hours. Speaking about the range, the Hero Optima ER will deliver 110 km per charge whereas the Nyx ER will return a range of 100 km in a single charge.

The difference in range is due to the fact that Nyx ER sport a more powerful motor of 1300W in contrast to Optima ER’s 1200 Watt BLDC motor. Top speed of both the electric scooters is rated at 42 kmph. This has been done to comply with e FAME II subsidy plan. As per the FAME II regulations, an EV must have a minimum speed of 40 kmph and a minimum range of 80 km to avail the benefits of FAME II.

One has to see that these scooters are made for middle-class families who cannot afford to buy premium electric scooters like Ather 450. Hero Electric also has a huge plan to reach 1000 touch points all over the country by 2020. With this, Hero electric can reach to the rural areas and start an electric revolution.

Hero Optima ER and Hero Nyx ER specifications


Specs Hero Electric
PRICE (NORTH-EAST) 71534 72566
PRICE (REST OF INDIA) 68721 69754
  Digital Speedometer Y Y
  Telescopic Suspension Y Y
  Regenerative Braking Y Y
  LED Bulb Y Y
  PC Head Lamp y y
  Larger & Comfortable Seat Y
  Anti Theft with Remote Lock Y
  Mobile Charging Y
  Aerodynamic Style y
  High Torque PWM Controller Y ( High Torque Motor) Y
  Speed 42 km/hr 42 km/hr
  Range 110 km/ch 100 km/ch
  Battery Type Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
  Battery Voltage 48V 48V
  Battery Capacity (Ah) 56 Ah @ C3 rating 56 Ah @ C3 rating
  Numbers of Battery 2 2
  Charging Time 4-5 hours 4-5 hours
  Motor 550W/1200W (Peak Power) 600W/1300W (Peak Power)
  Acceleration (0-30 kmph) 8 sec 8 sec
  Kerb Weight 83 kg 87 kg
  Charger Fancooled Charger Fancooled Charger
  Rim Type Alloy Alloy
  Tyre Size 90 x 90 x 12 90 x 90 x 12
  Gradeability 7 Degree 7 Degree
  Ground Clearance 140 mm 141 mm
WARRANTY 3 Years (Bike + Battery) 3 Years (Bike + Battery)


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